Oh, snap. It’s all coming back.

When the new DuckTales premiered on Disney XD this summer, my kids went absolutely ga-ga (or should I say, woo-oo?). The next step, naturally, was to try and look cool after my latest rage-cleaning stint by revealing there was an entire previous series of DuckTales when I was a kid. And maybe, because I’m such a good mom who didn’t just march into the basement with a garbage bag and start screaming that all their toys were going out to the curb, I’d buy them some old DVDs to watch in the minivan.

Within months, we had exhausted the tales of Huey, Duey, Louie, and Webby, and were rolling along to the sax-infused adventures of Darkwing Duck and “They Might Be Giants” cameos on Tiny Toon Adventures.

Their new (and my renewed) enthusiasm couldn’t have come at a better time. In a fantastic stroke of universal alignment, DuckTales isn’t the only old-school favorite getting the next-gen treatment. An all-new Animaniacs is coming to Hulu in 2020, The Magic School Bus is riding again on Netflix, and there’s a Jumanji sequel currently in theaters. Talk to the hand—the ‘90s are BACK.

Show the world you’re on-board with these totally “fly” buys for home, office, and daily wear.

Darkwing duck


Admit it: You’re already obsessed with Pop Funko Collectibles, so make room on the shelf for the Darkwing Duck Collectors’ Set featuring Launchpad, Gosalyn, and the original “terror who flaps in the night,” as well as your DuckTales faves like Uncle Scrooge and Webbigail.

Johnny Bravo tee


Give your comfy old band tee a rest and try this perfectly distressed Pinky and the Brain shirt, this clever Johnny Bravo tee, or this retro Rugrats tank under a flannel or jacket. Tip: Wear your Ren & Stimpy dad cap or Animaniacs socks on a different day. In the world of nostalgia clothing, you can totally have too much of a good thing.

Magic School Bus


Sure, it doesn’t have the hip new Lin-Manuel Miranda soundtrack (you’ll have to watch the new Netflix show for that), but the original Magic School Bus books that inspired the show that inspired the reboot never disappoint. Take a ride Inside the Earth, Through the Human Body, or into the Climate Challenge and let Ms. Frizzle boil it all down for the kids you love.

PowerPuff Girls


You know a group of characters have cemented their place in animated history when they’ve sashayed their way into an iconic game like Trouble, which this Powerpuff Girls Pop N Race game is clearly ripping off. Looking to perk up your poker night? Get the Nickelodeon classic Rocko’s Modern Life on the reboot radar by dealing out these playing cards featuring Heffer Wolffe, Ed Bighead, and more.

Dexter's Laboratory


Posters get a teenage-angst, dorm-roomy sort of bad rap in my opinion. When sized appropriately (like this Ren & Stimpy mini poster) or framed creatively (like a few side-by-side pages from this Dexter’s Laboratory comic), they can transcend their cheesy “point black light here” feel and reach a point of fanboy- (or girl)-chic.

Or you can just hang ‘em in your cubicle and call it a day.

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