No offense, but the fatigue is real.

It’s a nutritional powerhouse. It’s the emoji of the year. It’s the cause of an ever-increasing number of ER visits (avocado hand? Google it). Yes, our collective cups runneth over with love for the little green fruit that could. But (don’t all pummel me with guacamole for saying this) … aren’t you just a teensy bit sick of avocado-everything?

Fine, you don’t have to admit it. But I will. I’m tired of throwing out the ones that go bad because I stock up on too many at once and they all ripen at the same time. I’m especially exhausted by the constant worry about how to keep the other half from going bad (Leave the pit in? Cover in plastic wrap THEN seal tightly in a container? Douse liberally with lemon juice?)

Which brings us to avocado TOAST, which—quite frankly—is also rapidly approaching it’s 15 minutes, no? OK—you don’t have to agree with me. But if you do, or you’re looking to mix up your routine, or maybe you’re of the many people out there who just DON’T LIKE AVOCADOS, feel free to try one of these many, many other topping ideas on your daily bread instead.

Cheesey Pleasey Toasts

Start or end your day with a fruit-and-cheese breakfast or dessert.

Ladies Who Lunch Toasts

Pinkies up!

Chocolate Lover’s Toasts

S’mores on toast, yo!

“Your Kids Will Eat These” Toasts

You’ll like ‘em, too.

Hot Off the Food Truck Toasts

Tell me you wouldn’t pay $$$ for one of these on your lunch break.

Say What? Toasts

Confuse your tastebuds. In a good way.

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