You bring the gifts, he'll bring the dad jokes.

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Google Home: The top choice for voice-activated personal assistants, and a perfect gift for the dads who love having the answer to everything.

Fitbit Charge HR 2: A great workout companion for any type of athlete, or for the dads who decided 2017 is the year to run a marathon.

GoPro Hero5: The best action camera on the market, and the coolest new way for your dad to capture vacation memories.

Every year Father’s Day rolls around and we ask our dads what they want. Every year they say “you don’t have to get me anything.” While we used to be able to get away with a card, it’s time we appreciate all the things our dads do and get him something he’ll appreciate year after year. And while a gag gift is tempting, it’s always better to shell out a bit more money for a quality present that won’t end up in a kitchen drawer for the next five years.

It used to be that tech gifts were only for certain types of dads, but unless he has never held a smartphone before, he will go crazy over any of these gifts. And the best part? Each of them has only one button. No more excuses, Dad!

For the dad who is always on the go

In the world of voice assistants, the competition is heating up. While Amazon’s Alexa certainly stole the show at first, the Google Home is taking over the lead (and yes, we had a great time pitting them head to head). Whether your dad is checking traffic or finding out what “TL;DR” means, he’ll love the Google Home. We certainly appreciated spending more time away from our phones by asking questions to the Google Assistant instead.

We also love how much the Home improves with each upgrade. For example, you can now get the whole family in on the action as Google Assistant recognizes up to six different voices and customizes answers based on who’s talking.

There are some drawbacks to the Google Home – for example, you need to enunciate when talking to guarantee it correctly interprets your command. But you’ll be grateful the next time your dad asks you to search a trivia fact you can just say “OK, Google.”

For the Dad who says he just wants to spend time with his kids

Don’t think that let’s you off the hook. Instead, surprise your dad with a Fitbit Charge HR 2 so he can track his activity during your quality time together. Whether he’s a walker or world champion weight lifter, the FitBit has got him covered.

It only takes one use to figure out how simple these fitness trackers are. Just lift your wrist to check the time and find out calories burned, steps taken and more. We recommend the HR 2 specifically thanks to its improved motion sensor that picks up all your steps, and ability to receive texts and phone calls.

We’re still waiting for when the Fitbit Charge HR 2 will become totally waterproof and we’d love a better battery, but when you’re on a hike for Father’s Day, this gift will steal the show. 

For the Dad who doesn’t heed doctor’s warnings

 We always thought GoPros were an unnecessary addition to our camera collection – until we used one. After testing their capabilities, like 4K video. underwater capability and single-button functionality, we recommend the GoPro Hero5 for the adventure seeker. So if your dad has been known to do a few more backflips than advised, this is the ultimate gift. Plus it’s got a touch display, and what dad doesn’t love a touch display?

We also appreciate the GoPro’s sports integration if your dad is a skier or snowboarder – just pick up one of these helmets with GoPro mounts. Or if you’re going to spend half of Father’s Day pulling him away from his Harley, check out this attachment for motorcycles.

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