First step? Stock up on some Chobani.

On the wall in my kitchen there is a white frame with cursive, gold lettering on this inside that reads “Eat Cake for Breakfast.” It is one of my favorite quotes, not only because it is a daily reminder to live for today and savor every moment, but also because it speaks to one of my most prominent qualities – my unwavering love for sweets. My mom always told me that my first tooth must have been my sweet tooth because since birth I have gone googly-eyed for everything sugar – cakes, pies, cookies, you name it.

No matter what the occasion – a birthday, anniversary, hump day treat – I will always find an excuse to eat dessert. Take breakfast, for example. When I check out the brunch menu, I always choose the pancakes and waffles over the eggs and bacon. However, contrary to what Buddy the Elf taught me, I can’t survive on syrup alone. So with the help of my favorite sweet and healthy treat, Greek Yogurt, I rely on my favorite recipes to sweeten up my morning while providing all of the nutrients and protein I need to start my day off right.



Strawberry Chocolate Truffle “Crunch”

There is no better breakfast option than one that allows you to eat chocolate, guilt-free before noon. This one is at the top of my list because it’s an ode to one of my favorite treats — chocolate-covered strawberries. Tart, juicy strawberries combined with rich, decadent chocolate (for only 100 calories, I repeat 100 CALORIES) will send you into pure bliss. Even on Monday, this one is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Simply combine all of the ingredients below!


Peach Cobbler a la Mode

If you think about it fruit is like the salad of sweets – bursting with freshness AND something you can feel great about eating. Isn’t that the best news ever?! That’s why when it comes to breakfast I love to include as much fruit as I can, especially peaches. They’re soft, juicy, sweet and one bite sends me straight back to summer. Yes, please.

Combine the ingredients below and stir – no baking required!

 Dang coconut chips

Vanilla Coconut Macaron “Crunch”

Three months ago, I was lucky enough to take the trip of a lifetime to Paris with my mom. We spent all seven days eating our way through the city one baguette and macaron at the time. So when I am missing the city of lights, I turn to this recipe for the creaminess and crunch that brings me right back. One bite and I can practically see the Eiffel Tower from my New York City studio.

Stir all of the ingredient below – bon appetite!

What’s your favorite way to start your day off sweet?

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