Or a "sick" day.

When I was in my teens and twenties, I could stay in bed all day and binge-watch Lifetime movies (something with Tori Spelling, Meredith Baxter, or Kellie Martin please!). But once I became a parent—and had less time than ever to chill out—the less I was physically and mentally able to lie around like a sloth. Even when my husband takes the kids out for the day and actually begs me to just relax, it doesn’t take long for me to feel like I should be doing something.

So while I can appreciate a good snow day and will totally indulge in a game of Taboo or Headbanz with my crew, after a while I start to get antsy for some kind of project. If I don’t have a couple of creative “to do’s” in mind (with the necessary supplies on-hand), I’ll end up doing something not fun at all, like reorganizing the pantry.

Inspired by Pinterest’s top trends for 2018, these are the projects I’ll be shopping for (in addition to the requisite bread, milk, and eggs), the next time a Nor’easter is headed our way. Give ‘em a try!

Terrazzo It Up

When I started hearing about the “terrazzo” trend, I had no idea what the word meant. Then I googled it and realized it was the very embodiment of one of my greatest childhood mysteries—the “chip-flecked” floors and walls of my Catholic grammar school. Did someone paint all those “dots” in the hallway? I’d wonder. How do you get so many flecks into one paint without them just mixing into one bland color?

I’m still not 100% clear on the how real terrazzo is manufactured, but I can think of a hack or two for creating the effect on furniture and home accessories. I’d start by making my own confetti out of colored papers or card stock (I’m partial to this minty combination or this beachside one). Then I’d use Mod Podge and a brush to glue and seal the pieces all helter-skelter to office accessories, picture frames, a flower pot, a tabletop, a notebook… the options are endless.

Hit the Wall

Minimalist décor is in, and so is large scale wall art that covers more area with less fuss (My dad will be so relieved that his gallery photo-hanging days for me are over).

So if you’ve been wondering if/when you might ever have the time/patience to tackle one of those allegedly easy-to-install 124 x 90-in. peel-and-stick wall murals, I say keep an eye on the blizzard forecast.

I love the serenity of this Birch Forest mural and the abstract quality of this Side Canyon image.

Aim High

Not since Stephanie in Judy Blume’s Just As Long As We’re Together hung her Richard Gere poster on the ceiling have I considered “the fifth wall” in terms of home décor. But it seems that statement ceilings are the new reclaimed wood of interior design trends!

The thought of standing on a ladder and stenciling the ceiling makes me feel a little dizzy, but I dig the medallion look around a center light fixture. My dining room ceiling is pretty low, so if I kneel on my table, it wouldn’t be too intimidating (or shaky) to pull off.

Easier in a way but somewhat more demanding in scope are wall decals arranged at random—or if you’ve got the patience, applied in a visually appealing pattern—from one side of the room to another. These metallic dots and stars are supposedly for a nursery, but I think they’ve got interesting potential.

Do you have another DIY trick for the terrazzo effect? Which mural, stencil, or set of decals would get you up on a ladder? Share your thoughts and ideas below!

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