And yes, there is fancy cheese.

Back again to chat about Uniquely J, Jet’s new brand of upgraded everyday essentials like organic coffee, paper products, and sauces & oils. (I wrote a bit about some sauces here.) Today, we’re talking snacks.


Cranberry Oat Mini Crisps

I don’t like to play favorites, so I won’t. I’ll just say that I’ve eaten a lot of these crisps. Like a lot, a lot. My wife eats them, too. And my mom and dad. And my mother-in-law. My brother can’t eat them because he’s vegan, but I can tell he wants to. They’re crispy and chewy and savory and sweet but not too sweet, all at the same time. Seriously, I’m shocked how much I love them.

Cheese recommendation: Cabot sharp cheddar.


Fig & Olive Large Crisps

You’ve seen a fancy cheese platter before, right? Of course you have, so you know what’s up. First, there are three very nice cheeses, all with names you’re too nervous to say out loud. (Where do you put the emphasis in “gruyere”?) Then there are some really good crackers, a bowl of olives, a bunch of nuts. Finally, figs are spread all across the tray because your host is too fancy for grapes.

If you were to try to taste all of that at once, you’d find yourself with a delicious yet uncomfortable mouthful. Fortunately, these crisps take all those flavors and like a good editor, tighten them into one small snack.

Cheese recommendation: Triple crème goat brie.


Almond Espresso Biscotti Thins

When I was a teenager, for no particular reason my mom would buy bulk biscotti. They came in an animal crackerstyle jug that sat in our kitchen and made a perfect afterschool snack — crunchy, chewy, and sweet. (Yeah, I ate biscotti as an afterschool snack. You gonna make a thing of it?)

Anyway, these crisps are like a sophisticated, single-bite evolution of that snack. And they are addictive. Seriously. Do not start eating them unless you are prepared to not stop.

Cheese recommendation: None. Unless you’re into espresso cheese. (Which apparently is a thing.)

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