Today’s wine bottles are tomorrow’s centerpieces.

It’s true: I’m a big fan of repurposing things you’d normally throw away. And to peek inside our recycling pail—that clankety heap of wine bottles, beer bottles, olive oil bottles, cold brew bottles—is to understand why they’re one of my favorite mediums.

It’s not just their plentiful supply. It’s their many intoxicating varieties. Round, skinny, short, tall, cobalt blue, olive green, rusty brown. SO many decorative possibilities. Whether you’re in need of a centerpiece for your dining room table or a conversation piece for your next winter dinner party, these creative spray paint projects range from easy to even easier. Let’s do this!

Spray paint



 YOU’LL NEED: At least three bottles (preferably assorted sizes),  white spray paint, silver spray paint 

 SECRET WEAPON: Rubber bands


  1. Depending on how many bottles you have, spray some bottles silver and some white; let dry overnight.
  2. Wrap rubber bands around most of the bottles. I like to leave at least one a solid color for contrast in your final arrangement. If you have a large group of bottles, leave a few solids.
  3. Spray silver bottles with a fresh coat of white and spray white bottles with a fresh coat of white; let dry overnight.
  4. Remove rubber bands for a chic take on metallic, clean stripes.

DISPLAY IDEA: Play up the foodie feel by arranging on a white cake stand. S-weeet!

 Epsom salt



YOU’LL NEED: Bottles of various sizes, colored spray paint (consider frosty white or metallic silver), and spray adhesive

 SECRET WEAPON: Epsom salt


  1. Spray bottles your color of choice; let dry overnight.
  2. Hold bottle by neck and spray body with adhesive.
  3. Roll bottle body in Epsom salt for snowy effect.

DISPLAY IDEA: Group metallic bottles on a tray with assorted rose gold ornaments for extra sparkle. Add bare branches or some greenery to frosty white bottles to mimic the winter landscape.

Tell us how you repurpose your empties in the comments below!

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