Hey baby, where are you going?

Top priorities when traveling with little ones? Keeping things clean, moving, and everyone having fun, right?! Meet your four new best (inanimate) friends that will help you focus less on the mess, and more on vacation time.

1. BabyBjörn Baby Feeding Set 

Every parent’s pet peeve? When your baby’s clothes are all packed away, and they suddenly need a whole new outfit change after some all-over spillage occurs and it can’t be undone. Offense is the best defense, so snag the BabyBjörn spill pocket bib to protect from messes and spills during mealtime adventures.The set also comes with plates, forks, and spoons designed for tinier hands ones that help you nudge food into their mouths so they eventually can take the reins. Plus, all the products are dishwasher safe and BPA-free.

2. Moby Wrap Classic Baby Carrier 

Wearing your baby means two free hands for finding your passport, grabbing cash from your wallet, or grabbing a well-deserved beverage. This Moby Wrap is light and easy to pack away when it’s not in use, made of 100% cotton (machine washable), doesn’t dig into your bag with straps, and holds babies from 8 to 35 pounds. Tote your little one through the airport and to your destination with a baby carrier for a hands-free alternative to a baby carrier. Plus, if you want to keep him or her close to you while you’re mid-flight (but not takeoff, because safety and laws and stuff), you’ll still be able to read that book you’ve been staring longingly at for a month.

3. Summer Infant Travel Bed

There’s pretty much nothing worse than a baby who won’t sleep mid-travel, because there’s nowhere to put him or her safely. This lightweight, fold-and-go travel bed from Summer Infant is a savior when it comes to sticking with your baby’s sleep routine. It’s comfortable, safe, and gives an enclosed place to sleep. One more perk? The panels fold down for easy, on-the-spot diaper changes. The mattress pad has a washable sheet for any (inevitable) mess, and there’s even a hanging toy mobile to help start that nap-time journey.

4. California Basics Travel-Sized Super-Sensitive Shampoo, Bubble Bath, Body Wash, Sunscreen & Body Lotion

Hate packing for yourself, let alone anyone else?  Make sure all the go-to products that are baby-safe can fit in 4 oz. travel-sized bottles. Skip the process of transferring products into the tinier bottles just go ahead and grab this set from California Baby. There’s one of everything your baby needs for bath time (and beach time) away from home. Complete with super-sensitive shampoo, body wash, conditioner, lotion, and SPF 30+ sunscreen, you’ll be good to go. Bonus: Perfect for sensitive skin, and it’s fragrance-free, because some babies are pickier about their scents than others.

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