Not the kind for your teeth. The other kind.

Warmer weather means one thing above all else – it’s grilling season. Few things can beat firing up the backyard grill on a picturesque afternoon, but you have to have the right tools on hand to really make the most of that first summer outdoor meal.

Whether you’re hosting your first cookout of the season or just making dinner for the night, it pays to restock your grill kit from the end of last summer. So before you light up that fire, keep these tips in mind to score the perfect flavors night in and night out.

Diversify your flavors

No matter what you’re putting on the grill, great flavor starts with the seasoning. McCormick Grill Mates are a great way to save some time on seasoning without sacrificing flavor, and there are plenty of options to make the whole party happy.

With options like Montreal, Roasted Garlic, Mesquite, and Worcestershire Pub Burger, you’re giving everyone at the cookout exactly what they want. If marinades are more your style, you’re not left out either. Grill Mates Marinades are also available to treat the taste buds.

Add to the menu 

Tired of the same old burgers and hot dogs? Well, your backyard guests probably are too. An easy solution to mix up the menu are Johnsonville Grillers, which pack some pre-infused flavor into some familiar foods. Burgers just sound better in Cheddar Cheese & Bacon or Steakhouse Onion flavors, and that’s the kind of change your whole party can believe in.

Restock the utensils

Every good grill kit has tongs, spatulas, and skewers ready at hand (charcoal grill owners should have a good lighter, too). But once you’re done cooking, having the right tools to clean your grates will keep your grill in top shape for the season.

A grill brush is a good place to start, but products like Easy-Off Grill Cleaner can help you recover from some messier (read: saucier) recipes. We’ve all been tempted to leave the cleaning off for later, but when you’re hungry down the road, your future self will really appreciate the help.

Protect the grill

Whether you prefer charcoal or gas, guarding your grill from the elements is the key to making it through the entire season. Grill covers come in all shapes and sizes, so there’s no excuse for leaving your grill out in the open.

One thing’s for sure: the night isn’t going too far with a rusted out grill, let’s avoid that epic party fail. 

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