They're cuter than boyfriend jeans anyway.

For once, it seems cool to dress like a dad. For years, dads have been the subject of fashion jokes. From dad shoes (usually brutally white and awkwardly large), to dad socks, shirts (usually from the 90’s), pants (khakis), and finally…dad hats. But now, trendy women are making dad hats cool and it’s an amazing phenomenon. Looking to get your dad a good Father’s Day gift that you can actually say is “in” right now? Just looking to buy yourself a cute hat for the hell of it? Look no further. Introducing The Best Dad Hats That Are Not Actually for Dads. 

This is a dad hat with a pineapple hat.

Dad Hat #1

The classic “Here’s a random pineapple on a baseball hat.”  Who needs an explanation? Not me. Not a Yankees fan but still want something to block the sun at the game you’re pretending to enjoy? Try this baby out. It’s a baseball hat without the baseball.  It’s simple and to the point– no BS. This pineapple hat is fruity, fun, and bold. Hat’s off to it! (Appropriate Dad joke, come on. When in Rome!)

This is a dad hat with a taco on it.

Dad Hat #2

The taco emoji hat. First off, it’s relatable. Who doesn’t like a taco? How can you not appreciate perfectly-cooked meat tucked comfortably into a shell that is topped with salsa made from what must have been a Mexican God? I would hope the person that wears this isn’t a fraud. You cannot buy this hat if you do not actually like tacos. It’s also versatile. This is definitely for men OR women. The neutral, tan color goes with just about every outfit. Just know that you are leaving yourself open for compliments from other taco lovers. 

This is a dad hat with a puppy on it.

Dad Hat #3

Aww, come on. A Maltese Dog hat? Get outta here. It’s pretty cute. It’s subtle enough that from far away, you can’t tell what it is. But if you get up close, you can see the details of that adorable, fluffy little nugget. This hat is good for dog lovers in general, but is especially fun to wear while walking your actual Maltese.  

This is a hat with a praying hand emoji on it.

Dad Hat #4

The Pray Emoji Dad Hat. Though you probably wouldn’t want to wear it at church, it would be fun to show your faith off on a run, at the beach, or maybe a family picnic. Plus, who doesn’t love the praying hands emoji? Maybe you aren’t religious, but you just hope for the best in every situation. Either way, this comfy cotton black hat is all yours.

Dad Hat #5

Grab this 45th version Firecracker Ice Cream American Flag Hat in time for July 4th! WOW! God bless America for this hat.  It’s a manly, green colored, unisex beauty. This hat is so comfortable that you’ll want to wear it to every occasion.

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