Meet NYC trainer Mike Johnson.

Living in the city can be tough for a lot of reasons (people who eat steamed broccoli on the subway for one, a real thing that happened), but our busy lives can make keeping up a fitness routine seem like a luxury. Or, just an easy thing to justify not doing because we’re tired and overworked and underpaid and have seen things no one else should ever see in their lifetimes. Nights of Netflix can seem like our much-deserved moment of Zen, but we all know that working out makes you feel GREAT and productive, and less stressed. Plus abs. Or, at least the promise of eventual abs.

We met with NYC personal trainer Mike Johnson, and he shared some of his tried and true tips for mustering up the energy to work out, and how to do so in a tiny Manhattan studio.

Tell us about what you do!

I am a Certified Personal Trainer, NASM Sports Performance Enhancement Specialist, and fitness enthusiast. I have had a passion for sports and fitness since childhood. With over a decade of professional experience, I not only helped clients achieve their personal weight loss and athletic goals but also inspire and motivate them to continue a healthy and active lifestyle. With various certifications, I tailor each workout to the individual. I train in various private locations and studios throughout New York City. Follow me on Instagram! 

What is your fitness philosophy? 

Don’t just train to be in shape. Train to be fit.

What are a few exercises that are easy to do anywhere? That are effective and easy to do in the tiniest city apartment?

Squats, lunges, push-ups, Supermans, and planks are all exercises you can do anywhere that are effective if you do them regularly. All of these exercises can be done with limited space. To add the element of a cardiovascular workout, you can add jumping jacks, mountain climbers, burpies, or high knees to the exercises listed above.

How often or long should we be exercising per week to see a visible difference?

If you’re looking for a visible difference, then 3-5x a week at roughly an hour per session is usually sufficient. As the workouts progress, intensity should be increased.

If you could give a new fitness enthusiast one piece of advice, what would it be?

The biggest piece of advice I would give to new fitness enthusiast is to be consistent and start slow, and work your way up.

What are your on-the-go healthy snacks?                                                                                                 

I enjoy a mix of unsalted nuts and grapes.

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