Getting ready for a night out is usually the excuse I need to crank up the music, mix myself a cocktail, and pout like Debbie Harry while I languorously put on sparkly lip gloss.

Except during the holidays. Because in that too-short window between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, getting party-ready, like everything else, is something that needs to be squeezed in between shopping, picking out a tree, shopping, decorating the tree, shopping, wrapping gifts, and oh yeah—shopping, shopping, shopping.

But it’s OK. Nothing’s gonna keep me from getting my holiday glam on, even I’ve got less than an hour and my eyebrows are a mess. That’s what these beauty hacks are for.

Eyebrow trimmer

Just brow-sing 

Eyebrow grooming is something of a guilty pleasure for me. When done right (or wrong) it can change my entire appearance (and then poof! I can play around with a pencil or a powder and be transformed all over again). But not during the holidays. When I’m in a hurry, my secret brow weapon is this humble $9 Conair Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer. It effortlessly shapes around arches and tidies up stray hairs in seconds—no tweezing necessary.

Sock buns

Bun and done

Whether your strands are thick or fine, every girl needs a bun donut in her beauty arsenal. Tip: you can use the cut-off “tube” part of a sock so long as the sock matches your hair). There are a zillion YouTube tutorials demonstrating fun styles you can create, but if I don’t have time for a lot of fuss, a super-high ballerina look is the winner. Use the donut to create shape, fullness, and a show-stopping hairstyle in literally under a minute. (Bonus: An up and out-of-the-way ‘do ensures I won’t have to play with it all night).

Glitter nail polish

The clear choice

Skip the salon manicure and do your own nails during the holiday season with a clear glitter polish. The hint of sparkle makes even a pair of joggers look slightly celebratory, plus the clear color and shimmering texture make it easy to reapply without signs of a touch-up.

MAC Ruby Woo

Lip service 

Running too late for some Crest Whitening Strips action? Avoid lip colors that are frosty, matte, orange-based, or neon; they’ll magnify yellow or dull teeth. Anything with blue undertones will brighten and boost whiteness, as will sheer glosses. (Tip: I used to mistakenly think avoiding orange-based meant “no” to reds in general. Not so: Certain reds have blue undertones, like Chanel Pirate, MAC Ruby Woo, and Revlon Fire & Ice.)


Eye candy

You don’t have to be good at applying eyeliner, just ready and willing to totally jingle-belle ROCK a color no one is expecting. Ditch black and brown and trace those upper and/or lower lids with something festive. Twinkle in Shimmer Green, pop in Teal, surprise in Gold, vamp it up in Cosmic Purple. Add your favorite mascara and you’re ready to slay the night away.
Unless you haven’t already picked out your outfit. Then you might be in a bit of trouble.

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