We know, because we ate them. We ate them all.

Ice cream is the best dessert on this planet. It’s so versatile! It can be made into sundaes, sandwiches, cakes, bites, pops, and bars. And don’t even get me started on flavors. There are about a gazillion out there. Honestly, choosing just one (or three…) can be stressful. That’s why, here at Jet HQ, we take ice cream very seriously. We couldn’t talk ice cream until we were sure that we found the very best out there. So we held a taste test* and found five of the best ice creams you’ll want to be eating no matter if it’s June or January.

Mr. Green Tea

Mr. Green Tea, started in 1968, is still a family owned ice cream company dedicated to making foreign desserts with kick-a$$ flavors. It totally changes up the ice cream game. We tried two of their more traditional flavors—Cold Brew Coffee and Chocolate Covered Pomegranate and we LOVED THEM. Cold Brew Coffee was praised for its bold and authentic flavor, setting the bar high for coffee ice creams everywhere. The Chocolate Covered Pomegranate was chocolaty heaven with a hint of fruity deliciousness that’s perfect for summer.

Mr. Mochi

Mr. Mochi is owned by the same Mr. that brings you Mr. Green Tea, and just like its brother, it is pure YUM! Although many of us had never had ice cream mochi before, we found it to be our new favorite thing. Mochi is ice cream wrapped in a sweet, chewy rice dough. So, no spoon required! What could be better than ice cream for life on the go? The mango flavor was so refreshing and perfect for a poolside treat. Chocolate was a crowd favorite. Some went so far as to say it was “freaking delightful.” That’s excitement you’ll want to feel for yourself.

Ben & Jerry’s

There is no denying that Ben & Jerry’s is the real deal. All 60 of their creamy, next-level flavors are bomb bites we feel we can get behind. Our personal fave was Jimmy Fallon’s The Tonight Dough. It had the perfect blend of chocolate and cookie dough and peanut butter – OH MY! We give Ben & Jerry’s an A++ and the award for best ice cream for a post-hot dog, BBQ treat.

Van Leeuwen

Van Leeuwen exceeded ALL of our expectations. We tried their Mint Chip and boy were we impressed. After only one bite, you could taste just how high quality the ingredients were. The mint flavor was fresh and crisp and balanced well with the rich chocolate. When it came to the Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip we were shocked when we discovered it was vegan! We had no idea! What this flavor lacks in dairy, it makes up in nutty, chocolaty greatness.

Halo Top

Halo Top absolutely blew our minds and will absolutely be in ALL of our freezers this summer. It is creamy, tasty, and decadent, and it’s only around 300 calories per pint. Yes, let me repeat that. 300 CALORIES PER PINT (and jammed with protein). Could life be any better!?! Now you can eat all of the ice cream you want, and still rock that summer bod, guilt free. We recommend Birthday Cake, because whether it is your birthday or not, this ice cream is something to celebrate.

I hope you have your spoons ready!

*BIG thank you to the Jet Marketing Team for participating in my Ice Cream Taste Test and providing the feedback that helped me write this blog. Cones on me!

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