And you don’t even have to wait in line for any of them.

Ahh, New York. The city that never sleeps. Concrete jungle where dreams are made of. It’s the center of the universe, the greatest city in the world, the (big) apple of everybody’s eye. In addition to being a hot bed for amazing art, theater, food, and music, New York also happens to be the birthplace of a ton of brilliant brands and products. Jell-O, Scrabble, air-conditioning, for crying out loud.

All of which brings us to Jet’s New York Favorites shop, showcasing some of the latest, greatest brands to come out of the Empire State in recent years. Find everything from Happy Family organic baby foods to 100% natural MUN beauty products to sustainably grown, urban-farmed Gotham Greens produce all in one place. The New York Favorites shop offers a curated selection of household essentials, furniture, health & beauty favorites, and foods to make city life simpler (and tastier, too).

As someone who’s lived in New York for the past four years, I’ve learned that the right products can make all the difference in keeping you happy and sane. In fact, sometimes they’re the only thing standing between you and a one-way ticket to someplace less crowded and crazy, where rent doesn’t cost you an arm, leg, and entire paycheck. Below are a few local favorites that have made this New York transplant feel right at home. Because while I may never be able to call myself a true New Yorker, at least I can shop like one.



For those days when you’re craving really good pizza but really don’t want to have to trek to Bushwick to get it, there’s Roberta’s frozen pizza. So you can get all that wood-fired, artisanal flavor without the 2-hour wait — or having to interact with any Brooklyn hipsters.


And for dessert, why not skip the trek to Manhattan and just get a pint (or five) of Big Gay Ice Cream delivered? It’s all the same creaminess of the soft serve you get in the store, with those decadent mix-ins like salty dark chocolate bar chunks and blueberry balsamic swirls. Split a pint with a friend — or just keep it all to yourself.


Okay, one more dessert just for good measure. (Because you can never have too many sweets.) And Junior’s cheesecake is in a league of its own: rich and fluffy, and not overwhelmingly sweet or dense like other cheesecakes you’re used to. Order for a special occasion, or just keep a cake on hand for whenever your sweet tooth needs satisfying.

The Laundress


Somehow, two years ago, I struck apartment hunting gold and found a unit with in-unit washer and dryer. My life and laundry have never been the same — especially since I’ve started using The Laundress detergent. It’s ultra-concentrated, has an otherworldly fresh scent, and actually makes doing laundry kind of enjoyable. (Crazy, I know.)

SW Basics


I recently decided to step up my skin care routine but was quickly overwhelmed by the glut of information and (surprisingly strong) opinions floating around the internet. Thank God I stumbled upon this cleanser. S.W. Basics keeps things simple with all-natural, organic ingredients — so I can skip the hours of research and get straight to feeling good about my skin.

What are some of your favorite New York City brands?

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