Sometimes that’s part of the fun anyway.

Sometimes as adults we forget that beauty should be fun. I will remember forever saving up my money to go to the local Walmart and purchase as many items from the Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen makeup line, all glitter glosses and shimmer sticks galore. Swiping them all on with my fingers made me feel like a super cool preteen girl ready to take on the world. Nothing is messier than glitter, except some of the random beauty treatments I have been messing with lately.

Sometimes as adults, we forget that beauty is supposed to be FUN, and experimental, and sometimes super random. In my constant quest for beauty secrets, these are my top five products that make a mess but I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Coffee scrub

Perk Up

The grainy mixture of caffeine-fueled coffee grounds with moisturizing coconut oil, vitamin E, and sea salt will leave your skin SO soft and smooth. Stand in the shower, scoop it out, exfoliate your whole body and then stand there like a weirdo for 10 minutes. Listen to a couple of Rihanna songs. Rinse. You are welcome. Pro tip: Never do this anywhere but the shower, and keep a glass handy for a quick cleanup after.


Manuka Honey

Keep it Sweet

Manuka honey has antibiotic properties, while also being really hydrating and natural. It’s sticky, obviously. Because it’s honey. But smoothing this over your face a few times a week and laying in a luxurious bubble bath is so nice, and you’ll be shocked at how supple and moisturized your skin will look after. Also, no harm is any melts a little in your mouth because spontaneous snack.


You Get Coal

If you have ever dreamt of feeling a little more heavy metal during your morning routine, this is your guy. Brushing your teeth with activated charcoal is said to whiten your teeth in a way that’s less harmful than chemical-laden whitening strips, and there’s nothing quite as satisfying as spitting clouds of goth black water into the sink.


Spice It Up

Throwback! Sometimes I mix a little bit of turmeric with Manuka honey for an ultra boost of acne-fighting power. However, whether you’re putting turmeric on your face or in a glass of warm milk (which is a thing, and it’s comforting as heck), it stains. Fingers, counters, cats. be careful as you consume this little gem of a spice.


Face mask

Poppin’ Bubbles

This is the perfect adult sleepover party bringalong, besides the rosé. Giggle along with all your friends as you try to eat chip and wear this bubble mask, that expands and bubbles on your face, making you look funny. Or diseased. But then you wash it off and your skin feels soft. And pretty.

What are your favorite messy beauty hacks that are totally worth it?

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