And maybe even make it kind of fun?

Back again to chat about Uniquely J, Jet’s new brand of upgraded everyday essentials like organic coffee, paper products, and sauces & oils. (I wrote a bit about some sauces here.) Now that spring is right around the corner, it’s time to take a look at Clean Living products. To start, they’re all made with plant-based ingredients and are free from harsh chemicals, making them a really clean way to clean up.


*Image not representative of ingredients.

Rosemary Grapefruit Lime Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Oh, you didn’t think I’d start here, did you? You probably figured I’d start with cleaning wipes or dish soap or detergent.

No. Toilet bowl cleaner.

And I’ve got to say, as far as things you put in your toilet, this one smells pretty good. Some cleaners do their jobs well but leave a really harsh, disinfectant aroma. This one gets in there, gets things clean, then leaves just a faint hint of rosemary grapefruit on its way out.


Fragrance Free All Purpose Cleaner

Sometimes all I’m looking for is the sweet scent of nothing. This is the cleaner for those moments. Perfect for non-porous surfaces, it gets rid of aromas and grease and dirt and grime and those other things with names that sound as gross as they are.


Cherry Almond Wood Floor Cleaner

When you’ve got hardwood floors and you want to keep them nice, going about your place can be like playing a never-ending game of “the floor is lava”. But but at some point a friend is going to come in without taking off his shoes or the dog is going to decide to be a dog, and those floors are going to need a cleaning. This cleaner, in it’s nifty spritzer bottle, will get your wood floors clean while keeping them beautiful and sparing you the hassle of getting a bucket and a mop.


Fragrance Free Laundry Stain Remover

Stains happen. Sometimes they involve coffee. Sometimes they involve grass. And sometimes they involve overestimating how much ketchup a single French fry can carry. Regardless of how the stain got there, this stain remover is a great way to get it gone.


*Image not representative of ingredients.

Lemon Thyme Basil Dish Soap and Cleaning Wipes and All Purpose Cleaner

We’ve got a thing for lemon thyme basil. It’s unlike anything you’ve ever smelled before. It hits you with some citrus, lulls with some thyme, then perks you back up with a bit of basil. And since it comes as dish soap, cleaning wipes, and all purpose cleaner, you can get your whole life smelling like lemon thyme basil.

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