Easy ways to look good as it gets warmer.

As Cher once said in Clueless, “do you prefer fashion victim or ensemble-y challenged?” She was referring to outfit copycats in general, but there’s just something about the transition of seasons that always makes me feel a little confused sartorially. When do I stop wearing tights? Am I going to sweat in this leather jacket? Why do I EVER have to stop wearing black boots? It’s a lot – plus new seasons mean excuses for shopping, but you have to do it intelligently. I am a big believer in investing in a few pieces each season that work well on their own but also move seamlessly into other seasons with a few style tweaks here or there. Here are my top 5 go-tos for 2017 (although, you’ll see a lot of 90s throwbacks), and all you’ll need to look super cute this spring. And summer. And then fall.

After all, you don’t want to be a total Monet. Another Clueless quote – look it up.

1. A good band tee 

There’s just nothing better than a band tee, whether it’s vintage, you stole it from someone else’s bedroom floor, or you bought it brand new. You can wear them all winter, and there is not a scenario where you can’t make it work. Style under a blazer for the office, tuck into a leather miniskirt for the weekends, they look great with boyfriend jeans or high-waisted shorts, and when the weather really warms up you can get creative with a pair of scissors and cut them into cute tanks and crop tops. My favorites right now are this Slayer Black Eagle tee, a Metallica Ride the Lightning shirt, or this tried and true Chvrches EOE.

2. Distressed jeans

This might be somewhat CONTROVERSIAL, but I am really into the throwback trend of wearing fishnet stockings under ripped jeans a la Madonna, and now Kim K and every fashion editor on my Instagram feed. Distressed/ripped up jeans are a good transitional choice because you can layer cute leggings or stockings underneath when it gets cold, then get rid of them when the sun comes out. Tan those knees, girl! Grab these Adriano Goldschmied The Nikki jeans, BlankNYC Classique Distressed jeans, or Siwy Joan in Rapture jeans.

3. Cut-out boots

If you’re seeing a theme of things with holes and cut-outs, that’s because of the breathability to style ratio! Things with sexy cutouts up the opportunity for layering without bulking up. SCIENCE. Cut-out boots are amazing because visible ankles have been very on trend this past year, and you can either pair with them cute lacey socks or go bare – perfect for the tail end of winter into spring. Grab the Bella Vita Raine Boots, the Soda Triangle Cut-out boots, or the Vince Camuto Fedora Cutout boots.

4. A midi dress

 The most perfect transitional dress in my opinion is the sleeveless midi dress, for oh so many reasons. It’s long enough to keep you warm if it’s breezy, you wear wear a jacket over it or a cute white t-shirt under it if the straps are skinny enough, it’s usually bodycon in the best way, and they look cool as hell with strappy sandals or chunky black boots. Do yourself a stupid favor and buy all of the below – you’ll thank me later. I love this Volcom Twist dress, this AX Paris Floral Crochet dress, or this BB Dakota Francesca dress.

5. An oversized plaid shirt  

Layer a colorful plaid buttondown under a cozy sweater. Wear it buttoned all the way up, tucked into a plated skirt. Roll up the sleeves. Tie it around with some shorts. A plaid shirt is the perfect place for a casual pop of color no matter what the weather is, and is ideal for those nights when you’re not sure how chilly it will get. You can literally never go wrong with these guys – they’re new your new BFF. Grab this Aeropostale Plaid Buttonup, a Roxy Campay plaid, or a Billabong Campout Flannel.

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