Please no chew toys on the table, though.

Are dogs the original foodies? Sure, they can’t ask if their kibble is ethically sourced and they don’t really care about the latest restaurant trends (though they could probably wolf down a $14 avocado toast as quickly as any of us). They can’t post a photo of their latest meal to Instagram, either. (Or… Dogstagram? Omg, that would be amazing.) But in many ways it does seem like dogs live their lives around food. They’ll jump 5 feet in the air in anticipation of dinner and will do practically anything for a treat. And with their discerning sense of smell, they can find the most mouthwatering morsel in a room in just seconds. At which point they’ll have their snout right there in your lap begging for a bite.

Whether it’s peanut butter or popcorn, carrot sticks or a salmon fillet, your dog wants what you’re having. Of course, not all meals are safe to share with your furry friend. No matter how curious they may be, your pooch is better off staying far away from that pan of brownies or bowl of nuts. Luckily, there’s a new line of Rachael Ray Nutrish real-meat dog treats that lets you share some of your favorite meals with your pooch. Consider this the closest you’ll get to inviting your dog to the dinner table.

Deli cuts

Kick things off with Deli Cuts

Let’s start with the app-paw-tizers, shall we? Nutrish Savory Pepperoni Deli Cuts make a fitting addition to any pup’s charcuterie platter. (Wait, you don’t serve your dog charcuterie?) These cuts are full of rich, smoky beef flavor with no artificial flavors or meat by-products. Give your dog a deli cut as a quick afternoon snack, or get creative and layer some into their food dish for an improvised pupperoni pizza.



Onto the Pawsta course

Now, not to put your cooking skills to shame, but these Beef-Stuffed “Riggies” are probably more perfect (and delicious) than any rigatoni you’ve ever made. The soft pawsta shells are stuffed with U.S. farm-raised beef and free from corn, wheat, and soy. They’re the perfect way to get your pooch in on pasta night. (And they’re a whole lot less messy to eat than a plate full of spaghetti.)

Savory Roasters

Get ready for Savory Roasters

Maybe white meat is more what gets your dog’s tail wagging? Then they’ll love Savory Roasters chicken treats. These yummy nuggets are 100% grain-free and made with U.S. farm-raised chicken meat. They’re an easy reward for your furry friend when she actually listens to your commands. Or doesn’t bark at the deliveryman for once. Because let’s face it: You’ll always be a winner serving your dog chicken for dinner.

Meatloaf Morself


Mmmmm… Morsels

This next dish is a family dinner staple: meatloaf. Of course, no one’s saying that Nutrish Meatless Morsels are as good as your mother’s or grandmother’s or great-great grandmother’s signature recipe, but they’re a pretty damn good version to serve to your dog. No matter which way you slice it, these morsels are guaranteed to please your pooch.

Nutrish Dog Food Burger Bites

Nutrish Burger Bites, hot off the grill

And last, but certainly not least, comes burger night. You’re out grilling patties on the porch, with a pair of attentive puppy dog eyes keeping watch, ready to scrounge up any runaway meat bits. Why not give your dog a burger all their own? Nutrish Burger Bites are made with a blend of U.S. farm raised beef and bison, for lots of mouthwatering meaty flavor.

So it’s time to stop feeling guilty about sharing table scraps with your dog. Instead, give them Nutrish versions of your favorite foods — designed specifically for your furry friend. Because dogs really do make the best dinner guests.

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