Because what's more holiday than not changing into clothes?

Christmas sweaters aren’t for everyone, but Christmas pajamas are. Especially when they’re cozy, cute, and not overtly screaming into your face HI LOOK AT ME IT’S CHRISTMAS. Because there is such a thing as too much Christmas. Here’s looking at you, Mom.

It doesn’t matter if you literally deck the halls every year in anticipation of Christmas, or if you just kind of show up for the food (or if your family forces you to hang out with them and guilts you into exchanging gifts, and do you really want to keep disappointing your father?). Here are some pajamas you’ll want to wear either way, because they’re just so cute and cozy.

Lounge pants

Bottoms up 

Let’s start with the coziest of pajama bottoms because they’re the real reason you’re here. And what’s cozier than loungey heather gray drawstring pants you’ll want to wear at home, but also to work and the store?

Pajama set

Matchy matchy

Maybe you’re really into matching when it comes to PJs and who could blame you? These two pajama sets are great for getting a little festive, and for adding to your already out-of-control graphic tee collection because yeah, you’re that person.

Opt for classic plaid bottoms if you’re classic like that, or if you love to lounge, go for those cozy fleece joggers. Because if you’re not wearing joggers, are you really lounging??


Frozen pajama set

Never let it go

But I know what you’re thinking. “I want a set. But I also want socks. What do I do?” (Or something along those lines.) Well, you’re in luck, because this 3-piece pajama set has… Olaf the things you could want. And no, I’m not going to apologize for that. It’s soft, cute, cozy, and from Frozen, so you know it probably has to be good.

Bath robe

It’s a wrap

And finally, even though it’s not technically pajamas, don’t forget about the robe. There’s really nothing better than wrapping yourself up in one after a hot shower, especially one with little snowflakes on it. And snowflakes = Christmas-y enough in my book.

See? She’s so happy in that robe. I WANT TO BE HER.

Now the only thing missing is that mug of hot chocolate. Or bourbon.

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