Your coworkers will be so jealous, maybe.

Cubicles aren’t the greatest. Sure, you’re happy you have a job, but no, you’re not happy about being in a monochrome box 8 hours a day. Don’t worry — I won’t tell you to buy a calendar, a tiny desk plant you’d have to remember to water, or anything remotely resembling a DIY project. (Like spray-painting a rock. I refuse to spray-paint a rock.) But you do spend a third of your day at work, so you might as well try to make your office space your own.

So when you look around and all you can think about is how dusty it is (and since when did you acquire that huge mess of cables, anyway?), here are some easy ways to make your cubicle better, more inspiring, and much less boring. Even if you’re super lazy like me.

Post its

Use colorful Post-Its

They’re the easiest way to add some color to your cubicle. Just stick them everywhere and let the magic happen. And, if your office is anything like mine, someone is always in need of a Post-It. It could be a coworker. It could be your boss. Either way, Post-Its save the day by making your space fun and probably getting you some brownie points.


Get a nice notebook

Whatever your personality, there’s a notebook out there for you. Whether it’s your day-to-day tasks or you’re just fantasizing about what’s for lunch, a notebook is great for jotting down quick ideas and sparking creativity. Make sure to get one that will look great next to your laptop, like a classic Moleskine if you’re all mysterious like that, or this cute one with stripes. 


Hang a mini whiteboard

Whiteboards add another dimension to your space. They’re great for drawing pictures of happy little trees (don’t forget the colorful markers), playing hangman with your friend Lincoln when work’s slow, and letting your coworkers leave you notes. Or the occasional love letter. Or not. Because of work appropriateness and stuff.


Get a throw pillow

Your chair might never be a magical throne, but it can have a fancy throw pillow that provides you with lumbar support. Go for colorful, fluffy, or however it is you describe your personality. And maybe throw in a blanket for the winter, or for when the AC is the other kind of broken. It’s an easy way to make your space cozy, comfortable, and just so much better.

Washi tape

Put washi tape everywhere

Washi tape is like having wallpaper, if wallpaper came in tiny 15mm strips. It’s great for outlining your cubicle walls, decorating the edges of your desk, or anything else for that matter. Like a phone. Or your face. You know, the possibilities are endless. This is as close to DIY as I will ever get.

The Last Unicorn

Bring your favorite books

Even if reading isn’t your thing (but then why are you here?), books always make a cubicle feel more like home. From your favorite novels to minimal design magazines to chill zen guides, books also help you to be more creative. And think about it: If everyone kept their favorite books at their desk, it would be a lot easier to avoid boring small talk. (At least then you could bond over your mutual love of science-fiction. Or unicorns. Unicorns are never boring.)

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