Be the friend who doesn't bring hummus.

Whether it’s an apartment, condo, or house, moving into a new space can be stressful. Having packed and unpacked my way into five different apartments in three cities over the last four years, I should know. There’s artwork to hang, bookshelves to be color coordinated, and furniture to be painstakingly assembled.

Unfortunately, you can’t make moving any less awful for your friend (unless you volunteer to lug some boxes), but you can toast to their new space once it’s all over. Your friend has done all the heavy lifting, now it’s your turn to show them how much you care with a gift that says “I know moving sucks but it’s all going to be okay.”

Need a few ideas and inspiration? No matter their style or aesthetic, ahead are six housewarming gifts for every type of friend.  


The Wine Aficionado

We all have that friend we instinctively pass the wine list to at restaurants. The one who actually (probably) knows the difference between Sangiovese and Syrah. They’re always showering you with wine whenever they host and now it’s your turn to return the favor. Chances are they already own a trusty wine rack, but a decanter is something the average wine lover might not have. Helping to let the wine breathe outside of the bottle, a decanter will improve the wine’s taste by softening any sharp tannins and separating sediment from the wine. Don’t know what that means? It’s okay because they will, and they’ll love you for giving them this decanter. Cheers to you!

Marilyn Minter

The Art Enthusiast

This friend is cool. This friend is hip. Most importantly, this friend can be hard to shop for. They have particular tastes so shopping for their housewarming gift can be a challenge. But that’s why you came to this article right? For the gallery lover in your life you really can’t go wrong with an eye-catching coffee table book. There are many to choose from like Taschen’s Ren Hang or Annie Leibovitz: Portraits 2005-2016. But if you really want to impress your friend, look to this self-titled work by artist Marilyn Minter who’s retrospective was recently shown at the Brooklyn Museum.

Pineapple shaker

The Mixologist

They like to drink, and they like to drink well. This is the friend with the enviable well-stocked bar cart who  you can always rely on for a solid craft cocktail bar recommendation. You could show up to their party with a bottle of booze, but that would be too expected. For a creative yet practical housewarming gift for the friend who loves to play bartender, this stylish pineapple cocktail shaker is the way to go. Even if they already have a shaker, it’s most likely plain and way less fun than this one. Really, really like this friend? Complete the gift with a matching pineapple bottle opener.


The Hygge Fanatic

This friend is a homebody and takes a ton of pride in their space. Their new home will most definitely be curated and comfortable, so your housewarming gift should add to those vibes. In lieu of a cozy pillow or throw (because they probably already have tons), an artfully designed candle is a great move. This one by Jonathan Adler is not only stunning, but can double as a decorative vessel or planter once all the wax has burned down. Voila! Two gifts in one.

Cheese board

The Entertainer

This friend is the adult you strive to be. They serve food on trays. They have actual table settings. They make place cards for their guests. This friend loves to host and knows how to throw a good party. Their secret? Never running out of food. This friend can whip up a gourmet cheese plate in their sleep, so why not gift them a pretty serving board for their next spread? Chicly crafted from marble and wood, this cheese board will surely be a hit.


The Coffee Connoisseur

A true brewmaster, this friend knows how to make a good cup of java. They have a Chemex, they have a French press, and they probably know how to make foam hearts on a cappuccino. Instead of gifting them another bag of beans, this set of mugs is a pretty yet practical housewarming gift. Beautifully crafted, these porcelain mugs resemble a sculpture when stacked atop each other. Stunning enough to leave on the kitchen counter, don’t be surprised if your friend displays them right next to their coffee grinder for all to see.

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