Get it? Enlightening?

If you’ve ever read in bed, there’s a good chance you’ve endured the book lover’s equivalent to being between a rock and a hard place: that choice of should I really get out of bed and turn off the light?

 It always starts the same way. You’re reading in bed, all cozy on a chilly night, contently drifting off to sleep… only to wake up two hours later with the sinking realization that you’re stuck with this rather unfortunate dilemma. Do you stay nice and warm in bed, but with your room’s light blazing like the midday sun and making it nigh impossible to sleep—or do you groggily get up to turn off the light, and risk fully waking yourself up fully in the process?

I’ve been stuck in this book lover’s catch-22 an embarrassing amount of times (including, ironically, one time while reading Catch-22). And, having tried both choices more times than I can count, I can say that I have always lost either way.

That is, until the day I found the light, a book light to be exact. Here are some ways that you too can choose the perfect reading companion to help you read (and sleep) in peace.

book light

Read Hands Free

As a person who has refused to use a knife for a majority of my life so that I could instead use my left hand to read a book while I eat, I can say there’s a lot of pros to a light you don’t have to hold or maneuver. As an added plus the HugLight shuts off automatically after 30 minutes—the perfect time for falling asleep—and takes out all the stress of leaving the light and draining the battery.

Book light

Read in the Spotlight

I know, I know, you’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but I don’t think anyone would argue that the best books are a true work of art that pair an exquisite cover with thoughtful prose. If you want a sleek, beautiful and different book light that you can take on the go in style, look no further than the LightWedge.

Book light

Read Stress Free

I enjoy flexibility: I like reading in bed, but also on sofas, chairs, the floor, wherever. When I carry a bookbag, it really and truly is a bookbag; I bring it to work every day merely so that I can hold whichever book I currently plan to read on the bus ride to work. My personal favorite book light (and the one I own) is all about doing whatever I want, whenever I want. It uses a rechargable lithium battery (I never have to worry about those annoying AA batteries), has three light settings, can stand on its own, and has a clip-on that can attach to virtually anything.

Book light

Read and Multitask

There have been many moments in my reading experience where I’ve found myself somehow reading multiple books at the same times. (Don’t ask me how this happens, I am surprised each and every time.) For that reader who intentionally likes to multitask, the Lavish Home book light could be the answer as it also features an alarm clock, calendar, and thermometer to boot—because in this day of smart phones, heaven forbid that a book light could do anything more than, you know, turn on a light. I wish more book lights were like this one.

Book light

Read, Just Read

I read a lot of fantasy books and, sometimes, I can feel the author trying to hard: trying to make an epic, thousand-page plot just because. Sometimes, simple is best. The Really Tiny Book Light is just that: a small and easy to store light that has the added bonus of being able to clip directly onto your book. This lets you get straight down to the point of why you have a book light in the first place: to read whenever you want.

Read in Your Favorite Nook

I’ll read anywhere and anytime, but for me nothing beats leaning back in my rocking chair and letting the words wash over me. If you have a favorite place to read, the Night Light Soft Glow is the perfect complement. Closer to a lamp than a book light, it’s a great stationary light providing a soft, calming glow. Oh, and you can turn it off by touching it with your hand (which to me is as cool as my rocking chair because I am somehow half old man and half young boy, and no part adult.)

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