She’s going back to school, I just like backpacks.

The thing about being an adult is you’re constantly trying to balance style with comfort, and looking good with functionality. When I worked in publishing, everyone owned really beautiful leather handbags everywhere, usually black and hard to carry and expensive. I had my trusty bucket Coach, and it went with me every day for about two years.

When I joined Jet, I started needing to take my laptop home with me a lot. My bag was suddenly not enough. I needed space for a Macbook, my makeup, a notebook, maybe gym clothes, a book, and sometimes another book. I started noticing a lot of my coworkers carrying backpacks and that’s when I was like “HUH. Do I want a BACKPACK?” It seemed way too in line with what my mom was always saying about me needing a backpack because of my scoliosis (Your posture, Elizabeth!)

If I was going to make the switch, this was going to be the chicest backpack I could find. It had to be black, sleek, gold hardware, and have people on the street going “whoa, that’s an expensive backpack,” without it actually being an expensive backpack. Well, ever since I found the perfect one, I have been on a mini downward spiral looking at all the freaking awesome backpacks that exist. And, a lot of them are not exactly designed for adults. But they should be! So, here are the 7 best adult backpacks I would want to steal from my little sister. If my little sister wasn’t 27 with a child.

P.S. This is not the one I bought, but it is pretty darn close.

Getting mouthy

If you’ve ever wanted a backpack that simultaneously says “this is a statement piece, but also don’t talk to me, I’m grumpy,” this little monster backpack with matching change purse is for you. Rawr.

Go for puffy

I love this backpack because it looks like it would make a great travel pillow in a pinch. Delayed flights, scrunched backseat roadtrips, or a quick office nap (shhh.)

Luke, I am your backpack

If your fave mall store used to be Hot Topic and you call yourself a nerd (or maybe your friends just do), this is the best addition to your life. May the force of backpacks be with you.

Out of this world

Galaxy prints are having a moment right now, but this backpack has a soft spot in my heart for a few reasons. 1) Jansport is still killing the backpack game after years, and 2) anything that makes me feel like a cosmic princess, I am in.

See right through you

 Okay, maybe I am a little old for this one. BUT, if I say, decided to go to a music fest next summer or wanted to live my (very short-lived) rave days, this would be on my back for sure.

State of mind

If you’re into minimalism and understated color palettes, this State bag is everything. I love the subtle map of Brooklyn, along with the neon and metallic detailing.

Buy me flowers

Besides this backpack being Roxy (which brings me back to my skater boi days), it is just a great, pretty print that looks upscale and will add a pop of something to any outfit you decide to out on your body.

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