A thing you learned in kindergarten.

Life is kind of too short. At least it’s too short to be spending hours creeping on someone else’s Instagram feed and researching the perfect gift, which may or may not even be perfect. So this Valentine’s Day, why not skip all that drama?

Whether you’re planning to hang out with your partner, friends, crush from high school, or just the Han to your Chewbacca, think outside the heart-shaped box and go for an experience you can share together. After all, isn’t Valentine’s Day supposed to be about acknowledging and spending time with those you love? (And getting one step closer to diabetes, obviously.)

Here are some ideas for gifts that will put the focus back on hanging out, so you can stop worrying whether they like it or not and just have a good time.


Make some fancy cocktails

A wise person named Me once said, “the best gift is one you can drink.” I’m kidding. I’m not all that wise. But if you’re getting the group together, make your gift a cool mixer like this one and serve up something delicious.


Don’t forget the glasses

Whether you’re making pomegranate margaritas, passion fruit sangria, or just scotch on the rocks, everything tastes better in a nice glass. Your friends will appreciate it, and so will you.

Face mask

Plan a perfect spa night

Do you and your friends love being pampered? Get a bunch of face masks and bond over super great skin.


Here’s to better binge-watching

Have a romantic movie night at home and surprise your partner with a Roku. (Everything’s more romantic in 4K.)

Hue lighting

Pump up their (your) apartment

Want a gift they’ll really love? Go all out with a Hue Lighting System and finally stop arguing over who has to get out of bed to turn off the lights.


Get gaming

Some games are just better when you play them with other people. Preferably on the same couch. And next to each other. With elbows almost touching. (Here’s your chance to get closer to your crush. Nothing will impress them more than you beating them at FIFA. Or, you know, Mario Kart.)

Social Sabotage

Or get the other kind of gaming

Does your favorite person have a beautifully-curated digital life? Get them an awesome card game like Social Sabotage and have a night filled with fun. Maybe also some tears.

Alligator toy

Show your pets some love

Lastly, we can’t forget about Fido and Fluffy. (Do people still name their pets amazing things like that?) This Valentine’s Day, show your pets you care and get them some new toys to play with. They’ll have a blast, and you’ll probably get some cute pics out of it. It’s a win-win.

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