She's your best friend. Just keep repeating that.

“What do you like better — Christmas, or Wedding Season?”

Once upon a time, the answer would have been ‘Wedding Season’ for me (hear that, Vince Vaughn?). When you’re young and naive, it’s the most wonderful time of the year to eat, drink, dance and be merry in celebration. Easy, right? But, alas – this is before half of your friends decide to get married within the same year of each other….and ask you to (happily!) be a part of their big day. Most time, this means spending a borderline insane amount of time (and money) into making sure your best friend’s day is incredible — which, is cool, because she’d do the same for you. Check out our pro tips below to make being a bridesmaid easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

Beat bridal boredom with Marriage Jenga

There’s a lot of down time throughout your time as a bridesmaid—trust me. Bring a set of Jenga to the shower and ask guests to write tips for a happy relationship on each block. Surprise the bride with it at the bachelorette party or the morning of the wedding while you’re in prep mode for some fun.  

Pack smarter

What are the go-to things you can count on needing in your travel bag for the big day? Here’s our list: Allergy meds, Tums, ibuprofen or Advil, bobby pins, safety pins (to prevent wardrobe malfunctions), jumbo Band-Aids, travel hairspray, and double-sided tape (to avoid too much side boob, of course).

Photos, photos, photos

These will be happening even when you don’t expect it. So when it comes to picking out loungewear for the morning of the wedding, count on the fact that somebody will be clicking away. Bring your cutest athleisurewear you won’t cringe at when you see the profesh pics via Facebook.

Undergarments matter

Try on your, ahem, unmentionables before the big day. Nothing takes the wind out of your sails before a party like realizing you should’ve picked up some Spanx.

Bring a duffle bag to the wedding

Stash a smaller duffel or gym-bag sized carry-all into your luggage to use the day of the wedding. Bringing your entire suitcase to get ready with lots of ladies in one space isn’t ideal. A bag for everything day-of will come in handy.

Brand new shoes are overrated

Trust me on this. Nobody is looking at your feet…and I mean nobody. Don’t put yourself through the pain of brand new high heels that will blister the heck out of your feet. If the bride is insistent on the party wearing a certain shoe, walk around the house in those bad boys during the month prior, and pinpoint where you need to place Band Aids as a preventative tactic. Also — sole inserts never hurt anyone.

Don’t forget flats

On that note — bring flat flip flops or small comfy shoes you can stick in your purse and throw out later, after you’ve officially given into the epic dance party. Some cute ones may even look great with your dress.

Turn up the tunes

Coordinate with the other bridesmaids to make sure someone is bringing a travel speaker and putting together prime playlists for the bachelorette party, bridal suite, shower and anywhere else. Something small like Logitech Bluetooth Speaker works, and fits in your bag easily.  

Real heroes bring snacks (and water)

Stock up on things that go well with mimosas and champagne — pretzels (even gluten-free ones), nuts, seltzer, water…you know the drill. It may just prevent you from having to take care of Karen when she has a few too many without staying hydrated—so you can thank me later for this one.

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