You might even want to use these like, on a regular basis.

Summer is right around the corner, which means you might be thinking about those New Years’ fitness resolutions you put so firmly on the backburner. No need to freak out, this is nothing a little retail therapy can’t handle. Whether you’ve fallen off track with your goals or not, there is nothing like getting a cool new fitness toy to motivate you a little more during your workouts. Whether you’re a full-blown fitness fanatic or if you just enjoy a light workout here and there, these awesome fitness accessories will help you get in kickin’ shape for summer ‘17.

Tangram Factory Smart Rope

There is nothing like a good jump rope session to burn some calories and get a good sweat in, but how do you know if you’re improving? The Smart Rope is the great find for the tech savvy gym-goer who wants to track their progress. This jump rope monitors of all your stats during the workout just visit the app afterwards to check your personal data. You can even connect with your friends for a little competition and extra motivation. Let’s be real, technology always makes everything a little cooler.

Blender Bottle Pro Stack Series

This is not your average shaker bottle. The Blender Bottle Pro Stack series aims to make your life easier, with a section on top for water or protein, and stackable compartments on the bottom to efficiently pack snacks or supplements on the go. This also means you can be that cool kid with the shaker bottle walking around, looking all fit and busy.

WOSS PRO Suspension Fitness System

Want the option to work out ANYWHERE? The Suspension Fitness System is a great home fitness option for the person who is always on the go. These suspension bands hook onto any door so you can get a great core workout from the comfort of your home, hotel, or wherever.

Trigger Point Grid Foam Roller

After a great workout, using a foam roller is great way to help your body recover. If part of your fitness fear involves that dreaded pain the next day, rolling it out post-workout will ease the pain so you’re able to walk up and down stairs and stuff. Plus, it comes in cool colors and you can confuse your friends with strange contortions mid-conversation.

6 Pack Fitness Expedition Backpack

Ever wish you had a bag that could house all of your daily essentials? The days of your average lunch box and backpack are gone. The Expedition Backpack is great for the person who is into meal prep while also wishing for extra space for gym gear. This is truly an all-in-one fitness bag.

ProSource Yoga Wheel

The ProSource Yoga Wheel, for the the super zen yogi in all of us. The Yoga Wheel can help you take your yoga game to the next level, whether you want to finally get into that crow pose, or if you just want to not lie in child’s pose for 75 minutes. Use it to help with general stretching or working to master new yoga positions. Namaste!  

Everlast 12oz Clinch Strike Glove

Boxing is a great form of cardio, will make you feel like a badass, and it’s what a lot of Victoria’s Secret angels use to get into shape. Whether you are taking a heavy bag class or sparring at the gym, these gloves will help you crush your workout and look awesome while doing it.

FlipBelt Neon Punch

If you have ever wanted to work out but talked yourself out of it because “where would your keys go?” Or have you ever gone on a run only to have locked yourself out of your apartment? FlipBelt Makes it easy to carry your keys, phone, and wallet and comes in cool neon colors.

CAP Barbell Soft Kettlebell

Kettlebell workouts are great, but you don’t see many people with kettlebells in their homes. This Soft Kettlebell filled with both iron and sand is great for your home or apartment because it is easy to store and won’t damage your floors. Win/win!

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