Some not-obvious gift ideas for the one you're really into.

I’ve been with my husband for going on seven years now and I still don’t ever really know what to get him. As grownups, it kind of seems like we just get what we want when we want it, because … we’re adults.

So what do you get the adult who probably has everything they already want? You gotta think creatively. Tickle the heart strings. Charm and delight. Go above and beyond.  

I know. It’s so much harder than it seems. That’s why I’ve put together this handy-dandy list of gift ideas for any significant other of any relationship length. 

Cooking journal

A cooking journal

Whether your person is adept in the kitchen or not, tracking what you’re getting done in the kitchen can not only help you improve, you’ll learn things about yourself and your relationship to food and domesticity in general.

Sticky Fingers book

This. Book.

The story of Rolling Stone magazine has surprisingly relevant ties to 2017, as this biography of the mag’s founder lays out. There are tons of interviews with rock legends in Sticky Fingers, plus lots of sex and intrigue.

Wine opener

A good corkscrew

That flappy-armed corkscrew everyone has in their house works fine, but this one is both totally cheap and ranked No. 1 by Food & Wine Magazine. Help your loved one treat their wine with respect!



A plant

A plant is such a great go-to for someone you’ve been seeing for either a week or a decade. I recommend a succulent or three. 

Cheese board

Cheese knives

It seems superfluous, but you wouldn’t cut a steak with a butter knife and you wouldn’t drink coffee out of a plastic cup, so why you gonna do your cheese like that? Your partner deserves good cheese knives. Here’s a whole set.

Uniquely J coffee

One of those fancy K-cup espresso makers

Nothing feels better than Sunday mornings, reading the paper, jacked on espresso. Give your lover the gift that will also bring you joy. Or maybe just some cool-looking coffee

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch



The gift of music

The guitar is easy to learn and gratifying to play. Big points for creativity here. This is an unexpected, thoughtful gift we bet your person will appreciate. Here’s a nice starter.


An instant camera

These are fun, adorable, and super charming. Total Polaroid throwback.

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