Don't forget your furriest friend this year.

They say that humans are very much like the pets that they have, and I am pretty convinced this is true. My dog Chopper, for example. He’s what I like to call a toasted marshmallow — cute and a little toasty on the outside; but all gooey and warm inside. I am totally the same, just in human form. And like us…they deserve Christmas gifts too.

It’s easy to forget our furry friend around the holidays, but don’t they deserve a fully stocked stocking more than anyone else? We’ve got you — here is a rundown of the best gifts for every pet, from snacks to pet fashion and beyond.

Puppy snacks

Four-star eaters

The Honest Kitchen makes this super delish dehydrated superfood for your dog. It comes in both chicken and turkey flavors. Made with only five ingredients, it’s made for the elite eater in all of us. And as if that wasn’t great enough, it can be used as a treat, meal topper, or the whole meal for your pup.

Dog neckerchief

There is a fashionista in all of us

There is a brand called Territory and they are the Bonobos// Kate Spade of Pet Fashion Accessories. Their bandanas are reversible and come in the cutest prints. My fav is the black & green geo print bandana.

And with the holidays comes all the extra snuggles, hugs and belly rubs your pooch could dream of! Just like us girls go for a blowout or the guys get a shape up before any big event, your fur friend needs the same pampering. Hook them up with this Volumizing Shampoo and they will be plush for days.

Dog feeder

If Steve Jobs had a pet

..he would definitely have these items. The best part though is that they are a great “for you, for me” gift, so it’s a win-win for you and your pet! This smart feeder has it all. The iPhone for your pet, but better. Via the mobile app, you can feed them, play a greeting for them, see what they’re doing and talk to them. For the ultimate pet parent who can’t stand being away from their dog all day, or just wants to see if they are laying on the couch! Either way, a great gift!

And made just for the cats in our lives who like to keep their home in purr-fect condition, this self-cleaning litter box is sure to win over their hearts.

Nose balm

The ultimate stocking stuffers

 Some of the best gifts we get during the Holidays are the ones in our stockings. It reminds me of the Mary Poppins bag — you just keep pulling things out, and it happens to be everything you need. Some of my favorite holidays essentials is the nose balm, cat nip filled toy, alligator chew toy and this full-bodied windproof pet jacket, because baby it’s cold outside!

Check out more great gifts for all the pet lovers in your life here.

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