Get active these last few sunny summer days.

As I try to squeeze in the last few beach days of summer, I not only want to perfect my tan before fall but I also want to stay active. Lounging near a pool or on the beach for a few is one of my favorite things to do, and nothing’s wrong with just getting that Vitamin D (wear sunscreen!) while wearing a teeny bikini or whatever summer swimsuit you’re into. But sometimes I want to move! From experience (swimwear malfunctions can be EMBARRASSING), there are some bathing suits that are more activity-friendly than others while still looking cute. Here’s some things I look for.

Black bathing suit

Snug fit

You may think a larger suit means more coverage means less chance of malfunction. But if you want your swimwear to stay put, you need it to be pretty snug.

Leopard bathing suit

Customizable fit

Adjustable suits – ideally both the top and bottom – are naturally more secure and more tailored to you. Suits that tie do the trick. One-pieces can be tied as well!

Blue bathing suit


Not all swimwear material is created equal. You don’t want a suit that stretches, sags, or chafes. You want to be comfy. I also look for high-performance material, fabric that is NOT see through (in the case of swimwear, transparency is B-A-D), and excellent shape retention.

Some materials also have SPF protection built in!

Pink bikini


Strapless tops = higher chance of falling down. Low cut bottoms = higher chance of falling down. You get the gist about what to avoid and what to look for. If it looks ‘dangerous’… though probably super cute, it’s probably best for tanning on a chaise lounge.

Now get out there and go be active if you want to! Swim, surf, snorkel, dive, kayak……

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