You have a lot of things. And moving is already kind of hard.

Moving is stressful. But you already looked at every place in the neighborhood, survived the negotiation process, got approved, and signed the lease, so there’s no turning back. The last step is just packing up your things, your millions of things, and getting them safely from one space to another. By yourself. (Or with your best friend. Or roommate. Or partner. Or someone who just really really likes you. And that’s it, because nobody else in their right mind wants to help someone move.) But don’t worry — these hacks are here to help make packing up your whole life way easier.

Bubble wrap

Wrap dishes in clothing instead of bubble wrap

It’s eco-friendly and an easy way to pack two things at once. Just be careful though. You don’t want to accidentally ruin any of those fashion tees in your closet. 


Put the heaviest items in suitcases

If you don’t have a suitcase, they’re worth the investment. Because suitcases have wheels. And wheels are your friends on moving day.


Make use of every inch of free space

Store whatever you can inside pots, laundry baskets, backpacks, etc. If it’s not too heavy, you can even leave things in drawers if you tape them closed. So in other words, stuff stuff into stuff.


 Use moving as an excuse to upgrade your things

Need a new mattress or a more comfy couch? Try waiting until you’re ready to move. You can either have them delivered to your new address so it’s one less thing to haul down the stairs, or order them now and leave them in the box so it’s one less thing to pack.

Bacon tape

Have duct tape on hand at all times

You never know when you’ll find a tear in a garbage bag or accidentally scrape yourself and forget where you packed the Band-Aids. And sometimes you can get duct tape that has bacon on it.

Pad Thai

Leading up to moving day, only go grocery shopping for necessities

You’ll still need your fresh fruits and veggies every week, but maybe skip buying more Frosted Flakes for a while and eat what you have so there’s less to pack. Also, start devouring whatever’s in your pantry. Except that expired can of creamed corn. Where did that come from?

Boom Chicka Pop

And then order more groceries to be delivered to your new place

After a whole day of carrying things, the last thing you’ll want to do is carry more things. Order groceries for your new place right before you move so they’ll get there when you do, and avoid one of those epic trips to the supermarket.


Pack a separate bag with essentials

Like your toothbrush, computer, a blanket, and some spare clothes. That way, in case you decide you’re too tired to unpack everything once you’re done moving, you can just flop down and take a nap. Or go all out and go to sleep. It’s not like those boxes won’t be there in the morning.


Take anyone up on their offer to help

Maybe not that creepy neighbor of yours, but sure, anyone else. Just treat them to some nice food afterwards, or some candy. And maybe a gift. Like more candy.

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