Isn't that a refreshing sentence?

Diets don’t work. They make you miserable, they’re unsustainable, they’re expensive. There are so many better ways to take better care of yourself and your health. It’s 2018! Resolve to not lose weight. Resolve to treat yourself well.

Yoga mat

Refresh your workout stuff

Buy yourself a gorgeous new yoga mat or a good new set of dumbbells. Invest in a good foam roller for better movement. Or change up your exercise routine a bit with a medicine ball. Get a new bottle for your shakes and juices—one that doesn’t leak!—and toss out that old one that spills on you when it’s not sealed exactly the right way.

Fitness tracker

Do the fitness tracker thing

Fitness trackers help so much with motivation to move your body. Making a game of hitting 10,000 steps is fun and effective at getting you to work out or take the stairs or park farther away or make an extra trip with the groceries. Get competitive with yourself about how many hours you sleep at night, and how many glasses of water you drink each day. Health can be a fun game when it’s not rooted in shame about your body.

Snack bags

Get organized

Order in the home means order in the soul. That’s why the Container Store exists: getting organized feels so good they should make porn about it. (Maybe they already do? I’m going to Google when I’m done writing this.) Throw out your old Tupperware—the ones you can’t find the lids to—and get some good stackable ones. And these snack bags do all the portioning for you so you don’t have to fuss with your kitchen scale. Get yourself some new shelving and containers. You deserve it.

RX Bars

Start vitamining

You’re not getting any younger. Commit to getting all your vitamins and start a healthy supplement routine. Get your Omega-3s (these ones taste like lemon!), pump up the fiber and the protein with this plant-based vanilla bean protein powder. Snack on these all-natural antioxidant blueberry bars. They’re delicious and so, so good for you.

Most of all: Be kind to yourself. Try not to say mean things to yourself in 2018. And be sweet to your bod by giving it what it needs.

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