Sweet, sweet memories.

Remember how excited you would get about candy when you were little? Realistically, there was nothing better than the weekly trip to the corner store to pick out a new treat. In my house, if you behaved for the entire school week (which was hard) you were granted permission to a Friday afternoon sugar rush. The options on the candy aisle always seemed endless. Gummy candy, sour candy, chocolate – it was like you won Willy Wonka’s golden ticket.  It was like no matter what you ended up picking, you basically nailed it.

As I have grown older, many things have changed but my love for candy and sugar has remained the same. I will admit that I have tried to become a little more mature in my candy selection, dark chocolates, fruit covered morsels etc., but in reality, there is nothing like the candy I used to eat when we were little.

From eating fun dip until your mouth turns blue or trying to fit as much Big League Chew in your mouth as humanly possible, nothing really compares to a good throwback candy. Take a sweet trip down memory lane with these classic candies.

Charms Blow Pops

Blow Pops were a classic growing up. A combination of lollipop and gum provided a long-lasting treat that was technically two for the price of one.

Fun Dip

Fun Dip basically allows kids to break the golden rule of “don’t play with your food.” It was always so much fun to dip the edible candy stick in all of the different powder flavors.

Pop Rocks

Easily the most entertaining candy a kid could buy. Looking back now, I’m sure the sound of fitting an entire packet of Pop Rocks in our mouths and listening to them crackle drove my parents insane, but it was totally worth it.

Big League Chew

Big League Chew wasn’t just your average pack of gum, all the cool kids had it. Trying to see how much of the package you could fit in your mouth, or who could blow the biggest bubble was always an added plus to its delicious taste.

Nerds Rope

Nerds were always cool, and then they invented Nerds Rope. The combination of crunchy Nerds and a chewy base made for a tasty treat. Playing with the rope was also an added bonus.

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