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Sometimes, living in the city feels like its own little world, as if the same rules don’t apply to us. Walking everywhere and hailing taxis are a way of life, you can get a dollar slice at any time of the night, and you don’t think twice about bringing your dog everywhere or taking your cat out for a walk on a leash.

Just because you live in the city and you can’t see trees or woods or deer doesn’t mean your pet is safe from fleas and ticks. Straight from the pet experts at Bayer, fleas can land on people, be transferred into your house, and then make a new home on your fur babies. February is the start of Flea and Tick Season, so let’s get started!


Know what to buy

You shouldn’t let all the flea and tick options scare you, just know your stuff. Topicals get applied to the pet’s skin and dispersed over their hair, killing ticks and/or fleas on contact. Try this one for cats or this for dogs. Collars are also a great option and work very similar to the topical treatments. The advantage is that these work for an extended period of time, providing relief and coverage. They have options for both dogs and cats as well.

Flea and tick

Get checked, doctor’s orders

The best way to prevent a flea or tick from really harming your pet is to check them on a regular basis, no matter how big or small your outing was. You can feel through the hair for small bumps, perhaps parting and combing through the hair like you would your own.

As the experts at Bayer have said, fleas and ticks are usually attracted to the face, ears, and feet, so spend more time checking these areas.

Flea and tick

Be (even more) careful 

Did you know that when a flea gets on an animal it will mate and lay eggs on that animal for life? What is even scarier (is that even possible) is that the eggs will eventually fall off the animal and onto the surrounding environment — ie: your bed, your carpet, your car, your EVERYTHING! I am sure this isn’t painting a pretty picture for you and not something you are eager to do this weekend. Find the best treatment, know what to do in case these suckers come find you, and most important of all, help your pet avoid any extra roommates this flea and tick season.

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