Tall promise, we know.

The biggest holiday miracle in my house isn’t the magical round-the-world journey of Old St. Nick or the wondrous circumstances of Jesus’ birth. It’s the fact that year after year, my kids fail to notice that Santa’s wrapping skills are as embarrassingly bad as their mom’s. Coincidence? I think not.

As much as I understand the anticipatory delight of ripping paper off of a present, meticulously wrapping packages with really good tape (or um, what about glitter tape?) and mad ribboning curling skillz seems like a huge waste of time. And I always misjudge how much paper I’ll need, which results in me just taping a big random square over part of it like the butt flap in a pair of old-fashioned pajamas.

This is usually the part where my husband takes over (Gift wrapping relaxes me, he says). But for all the times he doesn’t, and for all those out there who don’t have an extra set of willing hands, here are a few easy, some might even say “aha!” ways to wrap those gifts with simplicity, wit, and style.

Wrapping paper

Sack it to ‘em

Gift bags. Obviously. Fancy with scalloped paper, made from recyclable materials, and ever-so-slightly worn because they’ve clearly been passed from person to person for a few holidays running, the gift bag-and-tissue paper combo always looks put-together with minimal effort. For something a little more ‘grammable, try rustic burlap bags with chalk paper tags or something classic with an updated twist.

Gift wrap boxes

Toe the party line

Party favor boxes aren’t just for party favors. And they can be re-used as toys/carrying cases (at least until they fall apart). My kids would appreciate gifts “wrapped” in Super Mario Coin Boxes more than snowman-themed paper they’ll have to help me clean up. Personally, I hope my next gift comes in a cute mini takeout container that’s its own kind of treasure.


A holiday classic

Solid-colored box with a big red bow. Isn’t that the universal sign for gift? Isn’t that the EMOJI for gift? So why aren’t more of us buying plain square and rectangular boxes and rolls of double-sided red satin ribbon? Elegant. Classy. SO EASY. And so 1950s picture-perfect all stacked beneath the tree.

Bubble wrap

Isn’t it ironic?

Think like a hipster and have some purposefully wacky fun. Show up to your White Elephant party with a present wrapped in an old button-down flannel shirt or wooly scarf. Start a trend of wrapping gifts entirely in Thank You bodega bags. Put on some earplugs and wrap all the kids presents in bubble wrap. They will go absolutely insane with jump-up-and-down holiday joy.

What are your favorite wrapping or anti-wrapping ideas? While you’re at it, shop all Jet’s gift wrapping options here!

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