So he doesn't think your fancy shampoo is shave cream.

I gush so often about my facialist, her wondrous powers, and her sage advice that I was recently able to do the unthinkable—talk my husband into visiting her for an appointment.

On the big day, I sat home nervously wondering what was happening at this very second. Would she do the paraffin treatment? Would he fall asleep? Would he say something to embarrass me?

My beloved can be a little judgy, so I wasn’t sure if he’d come home happy and relaxed or extremely annoyed at the facialist—and me. But he returned… elated. Ah, relief! Tell me everything, I said, and listened enthusiastically until he uttered the words no woman ever wants to hear.

I asked her what products I should be using and she said, ‘Tess uses all good stuff. You can SHARE HERS.’

What??!! Why??! How?! Clearly this was a violation of 10 kinds of girl code.

Consider how I carefully hide my precious Kenra shampoo after every wash so he and the kids won’t use/waste it. How I lie in bed cringing every morning when I hear him carelessly spraying so much—way TOO much—of my Oribe Superfine hairspray (I only splurge on it because I use so little of it!). Nowhere in my marriage vows do I recall there being any promise of sharing treasured beauty must-haves.

Maybe you think I’m a terrible wife. A bad sharer. A product hog. And maybe I am (the last two). But I bet if you found (or find) yourself in similar straits, you’d do exactly what I did. Buy him all his own special stuff and cleverly present it as a birthday/holiday/Father’s Day gift (inside a really nice Dopp bag to further assuage your guilty conscience).


Every Man Jack 2-in-1 Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner

The Details magazine 2015 winner for Best Shampoo and Conditioner has a sleek look, a hardworking Secret Formula, and a label you can be proud of (no parabens, phthalates, dyes, animal testing. All that and a totally reasonable price tag.

Facial cleanser


Jack Black Deep Dive Glycolic Facial Cleanser

I don’t know what the GL Handsome Award is, but this cleanser has won it, so color me impressed. My husband will dig ingredients like “volcanic ash” (cool!), which help draw out excess oil and soothe skin while restoring natural moisture balance. Bonus: Like my favorite cleansers, it can be used as a mask by keeping it on for five minutes.

Razor burn cream

Murad Razor Burn Rescue

My moisturizer’s got nothing on his shaving needs like this lightweight lotion. It fights shaving irritation, bumps, and ingrown hairs, reduces redness, and clears dead skin and debris from hair follicles. I don’t have a serum or gel that can do that.

Lip balm

MenScience Advanced Lip Protection SPF 30

I know; it’s hard enough getting him to wear sunscreen on his face. Tell him you want to keep that pucker kissable with this long-lasting clear balm.


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