And the answer is all beauty. And some fashion.

It’s that time of year again, Valentine’s Day. You either love to love it, or you love to hate it. Truthfully, I’ve learned to love it because it’s the one day a year where wearing red lipstick is given and chocolates are guilt-free, right?  Nonetheless, many of us celebrate by going out to nice dinners, shows, or downing an entire bottle of tequila with girlfriends at your favorite margarita place. Same difference.

I, for one, am convinced that the color pink makes me feel like I’m dressing for a baby shower. Yet, I see others wear it with such elegance and style, *sigh*maybe one day. Either way, blush is millennial AF, so we roll with it. The color red on the other hand is my friend. I think that there is nothing fiercer than a touch of red to your wardrobe or makeup. Feeling great on Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be a hassle, but rather empowering. So, let’s grab some of that pink, blush, and red and celebrate the holiday of love in style.



A (good) red lip

Classic and timeless. I never fail to throw on some red lipstick when I go out, so an occasion that celebrates this color gives me life. Stila red lip stain has always had my back. I throw it on in the beginning of the night and BOOM, I’m still wearing lipstick at the end of it.


Make yourself blush

If you aren’t feeling a bold red-lip, then try going for some glitter blush-hued eyeshadow. This palette will help you achieve the “natural” look, because looking like you didn’t spend 45 minutes doing your makeup is SO in right now.


Get marooned 

I love seeing a nice raspberry color during Valentine’s Day, and this winter coat is perfect. It doesn’t scream that you’re trying too hard, but also is quite practical for the rest of the year.

Tulle skirt

Tulle is a way of life

If you’re really feeling yourself and want to channel your inner Carrie Bradshaw from the opening credits of Sex and the City. Pair this skirt with a cute blouse and a block heel and get yourself some Instagram-worthy shots in front of a city bus or something.


Who are you trying to impress

This dress will definitely catch eyes no matter where you go, and who you’re with.

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