Never feel sad about your lunch again.

Lunch is such a crisis. Especially if you, like me, run screaming at the sight of a salad.

Seriously! Nothing is less pleasant to me than wet, cold, raw vegetables doused in “vinaigrette.” I know salads can be great! But they’re great if they’re super fresh with warm proteins and don’t come in containers that sit with the lids on for seven hours in the sink so when you finally open them to wash them the smell of old ruffage comes blasting toward your face and then, what, you’re supposed to do it all again on Tuesday? NO.

You might think the best lunch is actually the Indian buffet, except that all that naan and masala can make you feel pretty weighed down for the rest of the afternoon. Plus, it hits your wallet. Really, the best lunch is the economical DESK SOUP. And thanks to the fact that we’re living in a culture where we’re seriously obsessed with food, desk-soup options are better than ever.

Here’s a few of my fave soups a la desk.


Campbell’s Well Yes! Roasted Chicken with Wild Rice Soup

I would never speak ill of chicken noodle soup, but sometimes it’s nice when we improve on a beloved idea: This wild rice and roasted chicken is like chicken noods but with more spice (not spicy spice, just tasty spice). It’s also got veggies–corn, carrots, SWEET POTATOES–so you’re not just sipping broth here, people. This is a chewy, filling lunch. And microwavable!


Amy’s Soup: Mushroom Bisque with Porcini

If you haven’t seen “Phantom Thread” yet, you should because it’s great, but there’s a key mushroom scene (no spoilers!) and it made me remember: oh my god, mushrooms. Every time I eat a mushroom I scream, “Why don’t I eat mushrooms MORE OFTEN?” And this particular mushroom soup is so creamy and shroomy, you might just die …of a delicious lunch.


Campbell’s Well Yes! Chowder Sweet Potato Corn Chowder with Red Peppers and Wild Rice Soup

There’s just something nice and cozy when it comes to sweet potatoes. You feel like you’re treating yourself, and that little zip of sweetness in a soup never hurt nobody. Pair it with some corn and red pepper, and then add in some wild rice, and well, that is a MEAL. Put that in your bowl and slurp it.


Campbell’s Slow Kettle Style Chowder, Kickin’ Crab & Sweet Corn

I love spicy food, and this kickin’ crab, preservative-free concoction actually packs a punch. Plus, it’s got andouille sausage, which is uh-mazing. AND it comes in a microwave-safe container, which means you don’t have to wash a bowl out in the company sink nobody washes, which is gross but you feel like you have to be grateful just to have a sink in this economy and your guilt stops you from saying anything but your disgust and general laziness stop you from cleaning the sink. That’s why this microwavable container is so great.

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