They also kind of go well together, actually...

You’ve probably gotten the news already that Millennials have a color and that color is a very specific shade of pink. Dubbed 2016’s Pantone Color of the Year, it’s the pink formerly associated with “metrosexuals” (remember when THAT was a thing?) but then it started showing up all over Instagram and then the Boomers decreed it a Millennial thing. Whatever.

The thing is, that baby pink is over. We’re halfway through the Year of Greenery already, so it’s high time we start adapting when it comes to spring colors. This shade of green is popping up everywhere. So we’re getting on the bandwagon with these great finds.

Green chair

Greenify your home office with this mesh desk chair. Let it be the cornerstone of your greenery re-model. I mean, really, is there a spot more in need of de-pinking than a home office? Why are we millennials using this color, anyway?

Green wallpaper

Wallpaper is no longer the gross, sticky, permanent mess it used to be. Now, we’ve got peel and stick – perfect for the person wanting to jump color schemes. It’s affordable, looks good, and comes in the Pantone Color of the Year.

Green dot

This wall dot isn’t just the lush color of Greenery, it’s also super functional: It’s a dry-erase stick-on perfect for the kitchen, bedroom, that de-pinked home office, or just anywhere one is generally in need of dry-erase wall dots.

Green rug

Tie the room together with this 5×8 area rug in the shade on all our minds. This one is both adorable and affordable. It’s … affloor-able.

Green flatware

When was the last time you treated yourself to new flatware? Have you looked at the flatware options out there lately? They are many. And varied. And …green!

Green eyeshadow

Dress up your pretty face with this Laura Mercier eye shadow. Good on redheads and brown-eyed girls and any other human on the planet. Green, a natural color of the earth, looks good all the time. That’s the best thing about this trendy color.

Green laptop sleeve

Finally, we like this greenery-green laptop sleeve. Protect your baby in style.

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