For the easiest, chillest, sparkliest nights ever.

We are all about staying home for New Year’s this year, whether that means throwing a rager in your living room, or pulling the comforter ver your head until 2018 truly begins. If you decide to pop some bottles and invite some friends over, sparkly decor is a must.

Besides the obvious snacks and bubbles, set a festive setting with some super easy to make glitter lanterns. Hang them around your apartment’s most danceable corner, dim the lights, and ring in the New Year with some sparkle!

What to buy:

10” Paper Lantern

Card Stock paper

Circle Punch

Hot Glue Gun + Lots of extra sticks


To add custom decorations to your New Year’s Eve party, gather a couple paper lanterns, scrap paper, hot glue, and a large circle punch.

Make all the punches. You will want about 70-90 circles for a 10” paper lantern. Use scrap paper of various colors to add a gradient effect to your decorations.

After you have all your circles punched, start at the bottom of the lantern and using hot glue, start the process of adding the circles. Overlap the paper circles slightly and slowly add as the hot glue drys.

Each lantern will take about 30-60 minutes each. Once done this craft is ready to hang and ready to impress all your responsibly tipsy friends.

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