It will keep them busy at the kids' table.

Feather crafts have become a staple of the thanksgiving crafting table. There’s the obvious/classic “Turkey Hand” craft for the little ones, but what about something NEW but still turkey-related? We made this super cute turkey windsock, perfect for showing your guests where the food party’s at. If you’re over the turkeys (we get it), we also made an owl. So there.


To up your feather craft game, make cute animal wind stocks with recycled cans (like the ones from the pumpkin pie filling).

We made an adorable owl with the recycled can, construction paper, ribbon and of course rainbow feathers.

Take your construction paper and cut circles and a triangle out for the eyes and beak, take the ribbon and cut long strips to tape to the bottom.

Color match with the rainbow feathers and use tape to secure to the inside of the can.

Hang them on your door for guests when they arrive!

Images by Photo Studio: Chris Ritter/Emily Kinsolving

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