So you feel like a real adult on the biggest food day.

It’s always a nice touch to have name cards by each of your place settings. The ones we made are really simple to make and add a fun color pop to your table.

Name Card Directions 

Use construction paper and draw out your desired shape, long rectangles with a notch at the end cut out.

Paste your shapes to another color of construction paper and repeat the cut out process.

Use scissor to pierce a small hole in your shape and thread a piece of twine or yarn though.

Tie a bow and stick two feathers in.

DONE. So easy and your guest will feel extra special. My family likes to mix up where people sit so you can connect with someone you don’t usually get to chat with.

Table Runner Directions

Add a fun and custom phrase table runner to your table with some burlap fabric, letter stencils, puff-paint and stencil brush.

Cut burlap into a long strip to fit your table.

Use the letter stencils to mark out your where you want to place your phrase.

Place a piece of paper underneath your fabric and use the stencil brush to apply the letters.

Remove paper and let dry for a few hours.

Images by Photo Studio: Chris Ritter/Emily Kinsolving 

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