Who can say no to a cotton candy pink wig?

Whether you’re a fan of Trolls the movie or are just looking for an excuse to be incredibly cute and covered in pink, we’ve got you. You’re just a tutu or two away from DIYing your own Poppy the Troll costume this year!

What you need

What to do


  • On the backside of the sickly blue felt, draw out flowers like Poppy
  • Repeat on green sticky felt for flower leaves.
  • Place neon pink and blue elastic headbands around neck
  • Place tutu around head like a crown
  • Use the pick headband to secure the tutu
  • Add blue headband for color detail
  • Add sticky felt flowers to headbands


  • Lay blue t-shirt on a flat surface to cut sleeves on.
  • Use a tank top for guidelines if you need, keeping the neckline the same.
  • Cut the band from the t-shirt sleeves off, then cut to have a long piece of fabric
  • Use this fabric to tie the back of the tshirt together for a tighter fit
  • With the white sticky felt, draw out the shapes for her dress (making a stencil with any paper is helpful)
  • Cut out your shapes and stick to dress

Complete the look with pink sneakers.

Show us how you made your own DIY troll costume in the comments below!

Images by: Emily Kinsolving

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