Because you are one. We all are.

Always wanted to be a unicorn? Of course you have. Whether you caught yourself staring in longing at a Unicorn Frappaccino or two, or if you just feel magical inside and want to show it, you can make your unicorn dreams come true with a bunch of simple steps. Make this year a little more colorful with a unicorn DIY Halloween costume!

What you need

What to do


  • Decide how long you want to make your tail, cut 10-16 pieces
  • Make a knot at the top, leaving some loops at the top to secure tail later
  • Braid yarn, leaving a little at the end
  • Using the pet grooming brush, brush out the remaining yarn, starting from the end and working your way up (note: it’s normal to have a huge clump of the yarn in the groomer brush)
  • Brush out yarn until you feel it resembles a tail
  • Hot glue braid to ribbon for stability, leaving some excess ribbon at the top to tie on to outfit later, set aside to dry
  • Cut 3 long strings of jet packaging paper
  • Hot glue pieces together, run hot glue long the middle and stack paper
  • Take your braided piece and hot glue to paper stack, leave section un glued at bottom for bushed out yarn section
  • Cut slits along both side for texture
  • Add embellishments (glitter, fake flowers, real flowers!)


  • Take the cardboard from a paper towel role and cut a slanted line through it.
  • Shape the cardboard into a horn shape, using masking tape to secure, while also leaving about an inch of cardboard at the bottom, un-taped
  • Cut slits in the cardboard horn and thread plastic headband through, set horn to center
  • Wrap horn with ribbon, securing with masking tape and hot glue
  • Cut ear shapes out of the sticky felt and place on headband
  • Repeat the process for the yarn tale, branding pieces down and brushing out the rest
  • Brush out small sections of yarn (8 small pieces, tied at center, brushed out)
  • Secure smaller pieces to braid, starting from the bottom where your knot is, and working your way up the braid
  • Leave enough braid at the top to wrap around horn
  • Once you feel good about your main (I used about 20 small brushed out sections to make the main really full), wrap remaining braid around the horn, securing with hot glue, let dry

Complete the look with rainbow elements and leggings!

Images by: Emily Kinsolving

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