Time to outbasic the basics.

When I read in Samantha Irby’s book that she frigging loves fall, I felt like I was set free. She’s cool and she likes fall, so doesn’t that mean I’m safe from the PSL-loving, Uggwearing, Friends-marathon-watching, vocal-fry-having, white girls who gave loving fall a bad name?

It doesn’t, actually. I love fall and PSLs and Uggs and I have (and am proud of) crazy vocal fry, hailing from a bunch of inbred Pittsburgh Irish Germans. 

So anyway, now’s the time when you can go out and get your pumpkin-spiced-flavored everything and I am psyched. And this year I’m taking it to THE NEXT LEVEL. I’m gonna make my own pumpkin pie spice. Yep! I haven’t tried to go “artisan” in the kitchen since that time I tried (and failed) to make homemade high-fructose corn syrup. Turns out you can’t do that, btw. You need a scientist. 😦


OK, so how do you make your VERY OWN pumpkin spice? You’re gonna need cinnamon, you’re gonna need nutmeg, you’re gonna need ginger, and you’re gonna need GROUND ALLSPICE.


That’s right. You don’t even need pumpkin to make pumpkin-pie spice.

Just mix up those spices and blammo: PS for your L.

Bonus: You can use pumpkin-pie spice in your coffee! Or mix it in your pasta. Or sprinkle it on your roasted veggies. OR! Mix it in some pancake batter.

Mmmmmmmm. I love you, sweet sweet fall.

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