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A few weeks ago, I was carpooling my kids and their friends to school and the talk of the minivan was “There’s only 3 more days ‘til the St. Patrick’s Day episode of Teen Titans Go!!! Boo-yaaaah!”

That last part may only make sense if Teen Titans Go on Cartoon Network runs on a constant loop in your house for several hours a day. (Side note: It has THE BEST theme song this side of The Powerpuff Girls, both of which I would gladly add to my iPhone playlist).

Teen Titans Go has new episodes EVERY WEEK. So why was this one soooo special, so worthy of a daily countdown? Because it was for St. Patrick’s Day, of course! Boo-yaaaaah! Would Cyborg and Raven trap a leprechaun? Look for shamrocks? Eat corned beef and cabbage? Whether it’s the “Cartoon Friends—They’re Just Like Us!” phenomenon or just old-school “Very Special Episode” hype, holidays + your kids’ favorite characters = a VERY BIG DEAL.

Think your kiddos already get enough screen time? I’m with you there. Fortunately, these capsule episodes also take place in books, which in my humble opinion are a much better Easter gift than say the 25 lb. chocolate egg my daughter spied in the Italian deli yesterday. And while sadly, I don’t think a Teen Titans Go Easter book exists (yet!), there are quite a few others that will most certainly fly my gang.

Berenstein Bears

The Berenstain Bears and the Easter Story

Aside from the fact that The Berenstain Bears Easter Special was one of my favorite VCR-tape go-tos as a child, this book has STICKERS INCLUDED—Boo-yaaaah! OK, I promise I will stop doing that now.


Pinkalicious Eggstraordinary Easter

I am not much of a pink fan, which is why I painted my daughter’s nursery coral. But after many years of reading books about Transformers, dinosaurs, trucks, and one about a dinosaur that transformed into a truck, I rather enjoy the Pepto Bismol-flavored adventures of this plucky gal.

Happy Easter

Happy Easter Little Critter

I think I read Just Go To Bed a grand total of once to my son when he was around four. Two years later, he took The Little Critter Storybook Collection out of the school library and said, “I got this for us to read, because we always read these books.” He’s eight now, and it’s kind of our special thing.


Mad Libs Easter Eggstravaganza

My oldest son is in the fifth grade, so unless there is a Harry Potter Easter book I don’t know about, or I purchased Caillou’s Easter Egg Surprise just so he could vandalize it and torture his sister, this super-silly fill-in-the-blank wordplay game is as Easter-themed as a book for him can get.


Disney/Pixar Cars’ The Easter Buggy

My boys are too big for Disney Cars now, but for a long time I couldn’t walk anywhere without tripping over McQueen, Sally, Doc, or Stanley, a sort-of car-statue (just go with it). We had this book at some point, and I’ll definitely buy it for my four-year-old nephew who is following in his cousins’ footsteps.

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