Make some froyo for your best bro.

There’s nothing more confusing than trying to enjoy a treat, and finding a puppy nose nosing its way into your ice cream cone/popsicle/whatever you’re snacking on. It’s annoying, BUT ALSO CUTE, but mostly annoying. Especially as this summer is gearing up to be a hot one, why not make a few tasty snacks for your little fuzzy buddy so he’s not trying to eat your double double chocolate triple scoop?

Our friends at KONG have crafted two easy to throw together recipes for homemade dog treats perfect for warm weather. Keep that tail wagging, so you can enjoy your frozen treats, too!

I bark, you bark, we all bark for…

Frozen yogurt! Okay, fine that didn’t rhyme. But, this is a super simple way to cool down your pup after a run through the dog park. Just mix the below ingredients together, and watch the sheer doggy delight.


Low fat plain yogurt

KONG Peanut Butter Paste

KONG Peanut Butter Snacks

Pack a puppy picnic  

If you’re looking for a savory no bake dog treat, this could not be easier. Stuff into a KONG classic toy and your BFF will feel included in the outdoor noshing festivities.

Shredded carrots

Ground turkey

Low fat cream cheese

Bone appetit! (Get it?)

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