Say that ten times fast.

The big show is back – San Diego Comic Con. A gigaplex of pop culture, comics, gaming, and titans of industry fighting for stagetime to showcase the very latest in heroic fantasy. The goliaths of entertainment like Marvel, Disney, Lucasfilm, DC, AMC Networks, SyFy, Adult Swim – you name it – they’ll all be there to awe and inspire the generation of true believers with movies, comics, cartoons, and experiences, but one of those experiences that is essential for the authentic comic con experience is cosplaying.

What’s cosplaying? In short, it is dressing up like Batman or one of your heroes from a TV show, comic, anime, or cartoon, and it is one of the best feelings ever. Walking into a crowded convention of fans as Batman kind of kicks ass, because you’re Batman, and being Batman kicks ass.

BUT, cosplaying can be complicated, time consuming, and expensive. Whether you’re gathering inspiration for one of the many other Comic Con’s across the country, or just want to look like a superhero, we’ve got you.

Star Wars Episode VII – Rey

We’re halfway to Episode VIII – The Last Jedi. Remind everybody to keep up the Star Wars hype by strutting in with some classic pre-Jedi Rey. It’s a pretty solid costume, an immediate recognition score, and a sure bet to tap into some cool Star Wars fan photoshoots and some awesome fan theories.

Now if you read that you might be wondering what that recognition score is. Well, I made it up. Its how likely you’re going to be recognized by the masses at Comic Con. Any of the principals of Star Wars is a sure bet for a great recognition score and a high recognition score is essential for a beginners experience.

Spider Man Homecoming

Spidey has the privilege of being the last big Marvel hit to happen before this Comic Con. That means the kids are going to be Spiderman obsessed, especially with the much younger take on the character (its amazing go see it if you haven’t). Expect a ton of Spidermans, but here’s the deal – make the character your own. Add/subtract from the suit. Go for battle damage Spidey and rip it up a bit, tear up the mask, etc. Or go for Gold Spidey and spraypaint the costume! Variants are always a ton of fun and Spidey is one of the best full body suits to do it with.

Super Budget Batman

Its super budget Batman! Not looking to lug an entire costume but still want to be part of the true believers? Partial facemasks are for you – and there’s really no better partial costume that doesn’t cover a mouth. Batman. Everybody knows Batman. If you don’t know Batman you will by the end of Comic Con. You might like wearing this so much you might wear it to school or at work. Why not? It’s super easy and everyone likes Batman.

 Casual Warrior of Hyrule

More of a gamer and not looking to dress up like a plumber? Get some green colored clothing and this shield and you’re now a super casual hero of light. Link (from the Legend of Zelda series) totes this shield around regularly as he parades up and down Hyrule looking to save the Princess Zelda and unearth the Triforce. You can carry it too, but it won’t be nearly as heavy. And it’ll go really well with the green you’re wearing.

Casual Sith Lord

So if you’re not a big fan of the Jedi order or the light and are more of a bad egg – be a casual Sith Lord! Pro tip – do the voice. What I mean is when you dawn this mask and become a Sith Lord dedicated to the ways of the Sith, you’re still going to sound like ‘Brendan.’ But you’re not ‘Brendan.’ You’re Kylo Ren now. So speak like Kylo Ren. You’ll get points for authenticity.

Casual Star Lord

Saving Gotham is kind of small tomatoes when compared to a galaxy. Actually saving Hyrule, Tatooine, Metropolis, New York, or anywhere is small potatoes when saving a galaxy. If you’re going to cosplay and want to save all those places – go as a Guardian of the Galaxy. And if you want a kickass mask, cosplay comic con as Starlord.

You can rock a Walkman if you have one (dig threw your parents closet or garage) and blast out some 80s tunes for real points. Recognition score is at an alltime high as Guardians of the Galaxy is the current fan favorite of the Marvel cinematic universe. If I were going this year I would definitely be going as somebody from this movie.

Now that is a Comic Con experience.

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