Outdo your siblings (or your kids).

As a daughter, I’ve spent decades dealing with a mom who seems impossible to please. As a parent, I understand more each day what her incessant “nagging” really means. That she wants the best for me. That she wants me to live up to my potential. That she wants me to benefit from her own experience. That she wants me to RESPECT her many years of experience. That after decades of putting herself last and juggling the needs of so many others, she just wants to be seen—and heard.

That’s why, when it comes to Mother’s Day, you can’t go wrong with a gift that honors all of the above. Pamper her. Acknowledge her. Celebrate her. Even if you’re totally broke, simply DO SOMETHING that shows her you’ve been paying attention.

Maybe she’s the type who will love something handmade whether you’re 4 or 40. Maybe she’s a diva who wants to feel a little spoiled. Regardless, if ever there was a day to bite your lip and accept your mom for who she is—with your everlasting gratitude—it’s Sunday, May 13.

Still not sure where to start? Consider one of the categories below, including our top of-the-moment picks.

 Ray Bans

Take It Outside

Think seasonal and ask yourself what she likes to do during the spring and summer months.  Try something hobby-related like gardening gear, or backyard accessories like a comfy lounger.

2018 PICK: “I have too many pairs of sunglasses,” said no one ever. This stylish hybrid of retro and modern from Ray-Ban is sure to please.

Bath set

Beauty Rest

Two things moms rarely feel: beautiful or rested. Hence, any kind of spa experience is a win-win, whether it’s a gift card to her favorite nail salon or a luxurious bath and body set she can use on the reg.

2018 PICKS: I’m a sucker for beauty products that are as pretty to look at as they are to use, like this display-ready Lollia Dream Honeysuckle Bubble Bath in its gorge blue-and-white patterned bottle with handcrafted tassel. Oh yeah, it’s filled with moisturizing ingredients to soften the skin and flowery scents to calm her mind before sleep (no matter how old you are, she’s worrying about you).

Michael Kors tote 

Carry On

I could receive some form of purse or tote for every birthday and holiday every year and I would be positively delighted, always. They’re a stylish accessory, a practical necessity, and if you have at least one child under 5, an upper body workout any time you leave home. In other words: a great all-around gift.

2018 PICKS: I have over a dozen bags in my daily rotation, and three of them are from Herschel Supply Co., in their very versatile Raven Crosshatch color. The brand is super-sturdy and design-forward—think backpacks with built-in laptop sleeves and duffels with signature shoe compartments. If she’s more of a little-black-dress Mom, she’ll surely appreciate this rich leather Michael Kors tote, the goes-with-everything LBD of handbags.


Around the Clock

Bags aren’t the only “timeless” gift on every mom’s list—nudge nudge, wink wink. My mom has an entire basket of watches in her bedroom ranging in style from daily use to sporty to special occasion. Try a set that comes with a variety of bands she can change depending on her mood or outfit (it’s like several gifts in one).

2018 PICK: Fitbit’s first smartwatch, the Fitbit Ionic, has a better battery life than most smartwatches AND offers a cool mobile pay feature in addition to superior fitness tracking (and daily timekeeping).

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