Or if you're a fan already, find where you can get a new outfit on Jet.

You might have heard the news that Jet acquired ModCloth back in March, a truly perfect fit, like a leopard print paired with…another leopard print. Anyone who is familiar with the brand is fiercely loyal to it, and anyone who is unfamiliar, get ready because you’re about to be.

On a personal note, I have been a longstanding, pretty loyal fan of the brand, almost religiously ordering four pair of the Take a Stunning Jump tights every winter. Without fail, when I have had a random wedding to go to, ModCloth is where I go for cute, fun, and comfortable pieces that always have just a hint of something special, where that’s a dinosaur detail (you heard that right), or pockets. Who doesn’t love pockets? Anyway, we at Jet are psyched to announce that you can now purchase ModCloth on Jet. And isn’t it just about time you bought a new winter coat? Me too…me too.

We spoke with Nicole Haase, the VP of Merchandising for ModCloth about the brand, the ideal MC girl, and what trend she’s excited about for winter.

ModCloth offices

What is a typical day for you at ModCloth like?

There really isn’t a typical day for me at ModCloth. One of the best aspects of my job is that each day is different as our customer responds to our assortment in incredible ways. We launch new items daily and it’s fantastic to see what she’s responding to and how we can continue to provide items that will inspire and delight her. We love to see how our community members express their personal style through our Style Gallery feature and how she reviews our products. (Did you know that we have over 115,000 reviews from customers who’ve actually shared their measurements, which helps others get a great fit, too?) We love that she’s so engaged!

Right now, we are finalizing our assortment for the next summer season and the product looks incredible. There is a lot of cross-functional partnership between merchandising, design, sourcing, and technical teams to ensure that our assortment is the best it can be and one that makes each of our customers feel like the best version of themselves.

If ModCloth was a celebrity, who would it be?

It’s hard to pinpoint one specific celebrity given the fact that our brand is focused on our community and they have so many personalities.

I like to think of our community as our Mod-Celebrities—they’re our muse. We have such an inspiring group of confident, caring, expressive, joyful and intelligent customers—we like to celebrate them. That being said, if I HAD to choose someone, I’d say Miss Frizzle (from The Magic School Bus) as her passion, intellect, sensor of humor, supportive nature, and her optimistic and eclectic approach to fashion is one that we can all admire.

What are you most excited about with Jet and ModCloth coming together? 

First, we’ll have the opportunity to showcase our brand and unique assortment to a new audience who we hope will love our products as much as we do. Second, as one of the first apparel brands curated on the Jet site, we’re pioneering ways in which we can improve the customer experience for those seeking to purchase apparel on Jet.

We like purple at Jet, in case you couldn’t tell. Favorite thing to wear that’s purple?

A purple letterman sweater that I discovered while vintage shopping in North Carolina with Susan Gregg Koger, ModCloth’s co-founder. I remember seeing the bold purple color in the store, walking over to it, and picking it up to discover that it had a small swimmer icon on the letter—because I was a swimmer in high school, I immediately felt the connection and nostalgia to my past and had to have it. I like to think about the person who wore it and what their experiences were like. Also,  when I wear it I get to share the story of how I discovered it and what it means to me, and people always smile.

What is the last thing you wore from ModCloth?

I wore our Just My Typist Dress, which is so easy, flattering and colorful. It’s the perfect dress to transition from work to weekend.

ModCloth is a queen of puns – what is one that you will love forever?

That’s a really hard question to answer because our product names have so much personality and I love what our talented and creative writing team comes up with. However, if I have to choose, I would say our Rad to the Bone Dress. It actually glows in the dark!

ModCloth employees

Favorite trend for fall?


A trend you can’t wait to see go away forever?

Shoulder pads aren’t a good look for anyone. I’d like to see them stay in the ’80s where they belong.

What is your favorite fashion thing about moving into winter?


True or False: leopard is a neutral.


Heels, flats, or boots?

Heels. Always.

Vintage ring

What is your oldest piece of clothing?

It’s not clothing, it’s a ring from my grandmother that she gave to me when I graduated college.  It’s several generations old, and means a lot to me as she passed away shortly after she gave it to me. Although it’s too delicate for me to wear every day (the gold band is worn thin) I often look at it when I want to feel close to my grandmother as she was a strong, independent, and worldly woman.

If you could say one thing to the ModCloth girl – what would you say?

Don’t apologize for being who are—embrace it and celebrate it!


Feeling inspired? Us too! Check out our ModCloth shop here. 

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