Not that you were doing it wrong. This is just better.

Sleeping is awesome, and there’s no place better than bed. Which is why investing in this space is the absolute best use of your time and cash. Better sleep means more productivity, more happiness, more success, more friends, more money, more awards, more celebrities asking you to hang out, and eventually more best-selling records.

I’m just saying sleep is so good, and it’s just totally worth it to make your sleep space a sweet space. But how do you do it? Sheets and a blanket, right? Wrong. So wrong.

Color matters. Material matters. Layers and pillows matter. Don’t worry! I talked to the people at Allswell about how to make the perfect bed, and they gave me some extremely good ideas you’ll want to steal. Here’s my Q&A with Arlyn Davich, head lady in charge at Allswell.


JET: I think a lot of us grew up understanding “hospital corners” to be the benchmark for good bed-making. But is that even true—now or then? What are three qualities of a perfectly made bed?

ARLYN: Do you! There are no universal rules. It’s all about what makes you feel Allswell.

While some still love their top sheet tightly tucked (and hospital corners are a good way to achieve that), some prefer their top sheet to move with them throughout the night.

That being said, few people like to sleep on top of a sheet that isn’t taut so definitely make sure you find a fitted sheet with the right cut depth for the height of your mattress. The best outfits–both for aesthetics and temperature control–consist of lots of layers. Think top sheet, covered/blanket, duvet and a throw for optimal styling and seasonality.

Throw pillows: How do you know when to stop adding?

The bigger the bed, the more pillows you can justify. Our king-sized bedscapes include three Euro shams (in neutral, sheet-matching color) and two to four decorative pillows on top of that. Our twin-sized ones have one Euro sham and one to two decorative pillows. Again, whatever makes you happy.

What are three qualities I should look for when I’m buying a new mattress?

Breathable and supportive foam: No one likes to sleep hot. Historically, shoppers looking for a memory foam mattress would need to choose between breathability (how cool does your mattress sleep?) and support (how well does it support your pressure points and spine?). Thanks to innovation in the mattress space, some new providers (like us at Allswell) have access to innovative new memory foams that provide both breathability and support.

Also, one size does not fit all. Stomach sleepers typically prefer a firmer mattress, as do people who do a lot of sit-up work in bed. Make sure you find the right firmness for your sleeping and lifestyle preferences.

How do you pick the right colors for your bedroom? What’s the sleepiest and calmest color?

Different seasons call for different colors. Crisp white and coastal stripes evoke summer vibes but you’ll probably feel cozier in dark colors in the colder months. Allswell is focused on developing all-season, all-weather staples with decorative accents and layers that take those basics from season to season.

If you had to pick one thing you couldn’t live without in the bedroom, what would it be?

Google Home! It allows me to leave my phone in another room and still be able to go to sleep to music, wake up to my alarm, and know how cold it’s going to be before I get out of bed.

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